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Take Cover! Bike Insurance translated

Not sure what all the paperwork actually means? Here’s the low-down on how to sort your insurance in plain English, from the inside.

Get the head start on helmet standards

Like many well-meaning standards, they are often diluted by someone else’s standard, so which standard is the right one for your helmet? Rather than...

Ethanol fuels – What is it and will it hurt your...

Recently, ‘E’ fuels appear to be making headlines, leaning heavily on the feel-good ‘green’ factor. But are ethanol blends really the enviro-friendly option or...

 Tech Guide: Suspension Jargon

The dark art of suspension translated Words: KSS Photos: Doug Cornes It’s pretty much universally accepted that most of us don’t really know what’s happening...

Stop Right There!

When did you last do some brake maintenance?

The Patriarch

He’s one of the fastest fathers in the country, who’s helping his two sons – Mitch and Damon – become superbike stars. Along with...

In The Blood

The name Rees is synonymous with racing on two wheels. We catch up with the eldest son and his move from dirt to road

The Best There Has Ever Been?

There're not many people who can say they've got to test the legendary Britten..!

Summer Touring Prep

Heading for some touring this summer? Check out these invaluable tips!

Flying Millyard

Fancy a bike with a 5-litre V-twin and a hand change? Well now you can...

NZCM – World Class In New Zealand

If you haven't visited the NZ Classic Motorcycle Museum in Nelson yet, then you're in for a very special treat

Cantilever Suspension

Then and Now - Second-Hand Rose We like to think we live in an enlightened era, with everything around us proof that we have forged on...

Burt Munro Challenge

It was like the weather gods were taking pot-shots at the riders, hurling ice, rain, wind and sunshine in random order throughout the week – but it was still epic!

Life After Rossi

Legendary Grand Prix crew chief Jeremy Burgess speaks about the circumstances behind his sudden departure from the MotoGP paddock and what he’s got planned for 2014 and beyond.

Dive! Dive! Dive!

When the Elf racers showed up at the track with the so-called ‘death of the forks’ thirty-odd years ago, who’d have thought that the...

IOM Classic TT 2014

BRM’s classic scribe, Chris Swallow, shares the trials, tribulations and unscheduled beer breaks that are all part of the ultimate classic race…

The world of LAMS

A Whole New World There has been an injection of youth and enthusiasm into the motorcycling world, but what separates LAMS from the rest of...

On Yer Bike!

There’s a new system in place that can speed up your probation period on L-Plates. Training expert Karel Pavich explains... Words: Pro Rider | Pics:...