Welcome to issue 194 of Bike Rider Magazine, and I’m hoping that by the time you’ve got this copy in your hands the weather has taken a turn for the better. I’m sitting at my desk writing this editorial with a slightly damp feeling from my clothes and a severe case of the shivers as I just can’t seem to get warm. Yep, riding in winter sure does have its drawbacks.

But, with a new longterm Royal Enfield Interceptor sitting outside the BRM office, it would be rude not to take every opportunity to swing a leg over this excellent machine. Yep, it’s not the fastest, most powerful or sharpest handling new model to enter the lock-up, but it oozes style, is fun to ride, sounds fabulous and encourages you to take a glance in shop windows to check out how cool you look. It’s a simple motorcycle with an affordable price tag, but it’s given the BRM team a reinvigorated passion for two wheels even when a look outside the door reveals grey skies and driving rain. It’s motorcycling stripped back, and it’s fabulous.

At the other end of the spectrum are a couple of other bikes this month, with the Ducati Streetfighter a stripped back version of sorts, but the base model is one of the most technologically advanced bikes on the planet. The Streetfighter has lost the fairings but retained the wings which are important when you’ve got 205hp ready to be unleashed.

Triumph’s limited edition 765 Daytona is a machine fans of middleweight sportsbikes have been dreaming of, and the result doesn’t disappoint. The only mild annoyance is the limited numbers and restrictive price, meaning you really need to want one over the stunning Street Triple 765 RS to pay the extra dosh.

And then there’s the Harley-Davidson Softail Standard, which kind of falls into the same category as the Interceptor in that it’s a cool looking machine which is stripped back and basic. The awesome motor is still there though and twisting the throttle certainly stuck a smile on our faces.

Yep, despite the crappy weather we’ve still been having a ball on motorcycles. Obviously, wearing the correct kit is a must as no-one likes wet undies, but you also need to pay attention to your safety gear as tricky conditions can make a slight mistake prove costly. We look at the new Tech-Air technology and also talk back protectors this month, with the latter a cheaper alternative if you can’t quite manage the airbag vest. But with the g-forces the MotoGP riders manage to hit the floor with and still walk away, I for one am going to be saving my pennies until I’ve got enough for a protective vest.

Anyway, summer isn’t too far away, and we’ll hopefully see more days with dry roads and comfortable temperatures. But no matter the weather, a day on the bike is always better than a day in the office.

Ride safe,