Moto One Pearl Women’s Jacket – Product Review

After attending a ladies Twista NZ ride in New Plymouth a few months back, I was the lucky enough to win the spot prize kindly donated by the team at Eurobike. What more could a girl want, but a spin around the beautiful Mt Taranaki with like-minded ladies, and a free jacket to kick the […]

SHOEI GT-Air II Helmet and SENA SRL2 – Product Review

You know modern technology is coming along in huge leaps and bounds when you get to plug in your helmet in after a great day of riding! If you are after some pure luxury and cool features, then look no further than the new Shoei GT-Air ll. It is definitely another step up in the […]

RST Waterproof Rain Suit – Product Review

When the rain really starts to pour down, even the thought of riding a bike can send a shiver down the spine of the most hardened motorcyclist. However, thanks to RST, there is a new option hanging up in the wardrobe that easily fits in my backpack just in case the heavens open up! The […]

Bridgestone AX41 Tyres – Product Review

We do like a set of knobblies. And these new hoops from Bridgestone are certainly that! Not all adventure riders like to stick to the asphalt, with many like to get a bit more adventurous. But with 200+kilo machines and lots of horsepower, the rubber your wheels are wearing will have serious implications as to […]

Merlin Rowan Waxed Cotton Jacket – Product Review

Now that the temperatures are dropping, it’s about time we break into the back cupboard and fish out some warmer gear to use on bike tests. My first pick was the Merlin Rowan Waxed Cotton jacket, with its zipped-in thermal liner, before anyone else decided to snatch it for their own nefarious purposes. I tend […]

R&G DIY Ear Plugs – Product Review

Who would have thought the team that help protect your motorcycle also want to protect your hearing? But, that’s just what R&G aim to do with these excellent moulded ear plugs. If like me you aren’t a fan of earplugs, I’m guessing it’s because, like me, you can’t stand dealing with the standard foam plugs […]

Muc-Off Snow Foam – Product Review

After a weekend pootling around the countryside on test bikes, at this time of the year, you can be assured that when you do get home the bike is going to be covered in all sorts of road muck. Paul and Kerry just spent two days out and about on a couple of bikes, and […]

Sena 10C Pro – Product Review

Never before has there been such a seamless way to combine good quality video and speech in one unit, but the clever team at Sena appear to have solved the puzzle with the 10c Pro. The 10c has been around a couple of years, with the Pro-version featuring improved 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity while the camera […]

Oxford Mondial Laminate Jacket – Product Review

With autumn here, we thought it about time to start hanging up our summer riding apparel and look for some newer ‘all-weather’ gear. Enter the Oxford Mondial Laminate Jacket – a true dry- and wet-weather bit of kit that easily and quickly transforms when the elements change. The Mondial incorporates a laminate outer shell with […]

FIVE WFX TECH Gloves – Product Review

After months of warm, dry weather, it’s hard to accept that cooler and wetter days are coming. But, with the right kit, you can carry on riding in comfort and not worry about the elements. A decent set of gloves is a must, and you can’t look past FIVE when you’re after a decent set […]

Dunlop Sportmax Alpha-14 – Product Review

I recently had a chat with the guys at Forbes and Davies Ltd – the New Zealand importers and distributors of Dunlop motorcycle tyres – regarding their offerings for small bikes. My personal bike was in need of some new rubber, to which they suggested a set of their Dunlop Sportmax Alpha-14 tyres.  The range […]

Sidi Gas Half Boots – Product Review

There’s nothing better than being able to wear comfortable boots on your commute to work, trudge around all day in them, then escape the daily grind without having to change and swap footwear to get back on your bike.  Enter the SIDI Gas Half Boots, a comfortable ‘street’ style motorcycle ankle-boot, designed to cope with […]

Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack – Product Review

Ogio is a well-known brand when it comes to motorcycle bags, producing a range of handy luggage assortments for everything from helmet bags and gear bags, to travel bags, hydration packs, and of course backpacks. Of their backpack range, the top rung of the ladder is the No Drag Mach 5. Designed with a hard […]

Bridgestone Battlax S22 review

BRM headed to an empty Hampton Downs with two superbikes, a couple of sets of the latest hypersport rubber from Bridgestone and Jay Lawrence to put them to the test… Enjoy!

HJC RPHA 11 Helmet Review

I’ve had this HJC helmet for a couple of years now and it’s still one of my favs. The RPHA 11 range are at the high end of HJC’s helmets which is obvious with the quality and features of the lids. First thing to notice is that I needed to go a size up to […]

Shoei Hornet Adventure Helmet Review

With adventure riding becoming more popular, it’s important to complete the look with a decent adventure helmet. But with many ‘adventurista’ never actually venturing off-road, having a helmet with the correct look while offering all the benefits and comfort of a top-level road helmet is now a thing. Enter the Shoei Hornet Adventure helmet. Basically, think […]

Kriega R25 Backpack Review

The Kriega R25 is a great backpack with a design that moves the weight from the neck and shoulders to the back and chest allowing for very few restrictions with arms and shoulders whilst riding. The durable construction of the bag and the 10-year guarantee could likely make one of these backpacks one of, if not […]

Safe And Snug – Ladies Kevlar Leggings Review

Being a virgin to any riding pants other than Kevlar jeans, textile or leather, I jumped at the chance to test out a pair of Kevlar leggings. Having read other reviews in the past from other women raving about them, I was keen to take up the chance to try these out. Not knowing what […]

Nolan Lightness: X-Lite X1004 Carbon!

Just landed into BRM Towers is the X-Lite X1004 Ultra Carbon, flip-face helmet. The X1004 is compact, and comes with 3 outer shell sizes, plus it can be ridden with the visor in both the up or down position thanks to P/J homologation. The VPS sunscreen adds further sun protection and can be easily deployed […]

A Glove For Summer – FIVE RFX1

  FIVE know a thing or two about gloves. Why’s that? Well, it’s all they do. Yep, FIVE are a gloves manufacturer and nothing else, meaning they put 100% of their time and effort into producing outstanding gloves. I needed a new set of gloves for the track and instantly went to look at what […]

Shiny Shoei! X-Spirit III Review

If you’re in the market for a new helmet, the first thing you need to consider is the shape of your head. More than once I’ve bought helmets that have been completely the wrong shape, so when I decided to look for a new road and track helmet, I was very particular with my requirements. […]

BRM’s Longterm V-Strom 1000 Gets A Scottoiler xSystem

Scottoiler have been the go-to for riders wanting to extend their chain life for ages, but until now, actually fitting one was a little tricky if you weren’t of the hands-on persuasion. With the new xSystem, you no longer need to be clued up on vacuum hoses or electronic wizardry to install it, with Scottoiler […]

Merlin Axe Checkered Shirt

The days of old grungy leather jackets and stained denim jeans are long behind us, with the advent of the Hipster generation creating a resurgence in old-school styled models like Triumph’s Bonneville, Ducati’s Scrambler and Royal Enfield’s new 650 Interceptor also seeing a new wave of riding garments to suit. These riders want to be […]

BRM’s Longterm V-Strom gets Denali Upgrades

If there is a weak point to the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 from factory, it is its weak lights and horn. That’s all changed for our longterm DL1000X however, with the addition of a couple of products from American company – Denali.

BRM’s Longterm GSX-S750 gets a Scorpion Exhaust

The GSX-S750 proved itself to be an excellent tourer, with our trip from Paeroa to Queenstown – which you can read about elsewhere in this magazine – showing that the naked Suzuki is much more versatile than its GSX-R sibling. But there was one thing missing; a sexier replacement muffler so we could ditch the […]

FujiFilm X-T2 Camera

To get such great photos into the pages of Bike Rider Magazine, we use some pretty special – not to mention expensive – cameras. But sometimes there’s a need for a camera that’s a bit more portable…

Oxford Motorcycle Luggage Review

Paul takes a moment to run us through his Oxford lugged setup on the BRM longterm test Suzukis.

SCOTT DP Pro Gear Review

Paul reviews the SCOTT DP Pro waterproofs while on tour through the South Island of New Zealand.

FIVE Gloves review

Paul takes a closer look at his FIVE Gloves while mid-tour around the stunning South Island of New Zealand.

Pirelli Diablo Corsa II Review

Paul headed to South Africa for the launch of the new Diablo Corsa II tyre from Pirelli.

SCOTT Dualraid Riding Gear

Chris takes us through his SCOTT Dual Raid gearset, as worn in Spain on the BMW F 750 GS and F 850 GS launch which you’ll read about in BRM Issue #168! SCOTT Dualraid Gearset Price: Pants – $399 Jacket – $599 Check it out at your nearest SCOTT dealer

Just1 J14 Adventure Helmet

Are you after an Adventure riding lid, but don’t want one of the helmets everybody else is rocking?

Forma Adventure Boot Review

We sent Chris Power to Spain with the brilliant Forma Adventure boots, which did more than just looking the part on the adventure…

TCX RT-Race Waterproof Boots

Comfort, plenty of protection and a waterproof membrane. What’s not to like about the TCX RT-Race Waterproof boots

Shoei Neotec II Helmet Review

Shoei’s latest flip front is a giant leap forward from the original Neotec. Paul spends some time with the Neotec II and falls for the lighter weight, better balance and improved aerodynamics of the latest model.


We get a lot of gear on test here at BRM, often so much that we don’t really have to go out and buy our own kit most of the time. But when my favourite pair of gloves started to look a bit too tired for purpose, I did the unthinkable – for my colleagues […]

DriRider Explorer Jacket

I’ve never got wet! That’s quite a statement, but whenever I’ve worn my Dririder gear and I hadn’t quite got my pre-ride weather planning quite right, it’s managed to keep me safe and dry, which is everything you need in a textile outfit. I’ve had this outfit for well over 18 months and it’s been […]

Moto One Vert 360 riding suit

When the Moto One Vert 360 two-piece riding suit turned up at BRM towers, I was impressed. Personally, I like two-piece riding suits. Practically, they’re appealing as, in the past, I have found one piece will invariably wear faster than the other. My miserly side prefers to replace one half, rather than one whole. Fashionably […]

Bridgestone Adventure A41 Review

Where better to test the latest adventure tyre from Bridgestone than the roads and trails traversing the wilds of Morocco. Paul headed to the desert to sample the new rubber.

Garmin VIRB 360 Action Camera

Everyone’s got a helmet cam, right? Chances are you’ve got one and have spent a few years riding around, getting footage of stuff coming towards you, all of which is pretty one-dimensional and not especially exciting. Well, I can tell you the world of helmet cams has just changed, and it’s got a whole lot […]

Acerbis Rattlehead Neck Tube

When a stack of Acerbis Rattlehead neck tubes landed in the BRM office I was a little hesitant to grab one at first. Sure I’ve seen BRM’s editor, Paul, riding around with similar products around his neck for years, but to me the thin material ‘neck sock’ seemed a bit weird. How could it keep […]

Alpinestars Yokohama Drystar Suit

The need for a new textile suit came with the invite to the KTM Super Adventure launch in the Blue Mountains, just outside and a lot higher than Sydney. With the temperature scheduled to vary from 5degrees to 20degrees while riding a bike on and off the road, I needed an outfit that could cope […]

Givi Motorcycle Smartphone Holder

We can’t get away from our smartphones, especially now they’ve got so good at giving us directions. But with a motorcycle being a harsh environment for the delicate electronics of a phone, you need to make sure you’ve got the right holder for the job. This Givi holder is suitable for an iPhone 6 or […]

Roadog Motorcycling Jersey

When something Kiwi-made comes across our desks, we make sure we give it a good shot and help support Kiwi industry. After all, BRM is made right here in Paeroa amongst the lemon trees. So, when the opportunity came to test out the Kiwi-made Roadog riding jersey, we were keen to see what the latest […]

Kreiga Backpack and Drypack – Adventure Ready

It seems that when it comes to the adventure market, Kreiga have pretty much got the luggage side of things sown up, with most forums, riders and dealers telling you that the stuff is almost indestructible. But surely you want to opt for those big metal panniers when you’re adventure riding, right? Well, actually you […]

SIDI Deep Rain Boots

Like everyone here at BRM HQ, I appreciate a good set of boots that not only offer the safety required when out on the road, but also give plenty of protection from the elements. So, to say I’ve been stoked with the SIDI Deep Rain boots is an understatement. These kicks are quite something. The […]

Muc-Off Helmet and Visor Cleaner

RIDE CLEAN WITH MUC-OFF HELMET & VISOR CLEANER With a commute across the Waikato every day, my helmet needs to be cleaned almost daily as it gets that grubby from all the bugs and road grime. That’s where Muc-Off comes in. This stuff is like magic on a filthy lid. To be honest, using a […]

Bell Bullitt Carbon RSD Bagger Helmet

With the biggest movement in motorcycling circles coming from the “modern retro” sector, it’s hardly surprising that entire ranges of motorcycling apparel have sprung up for the hipster generation to complete their image while retaining the protection qualities afforded by traditional motorcycling gear. Inspired by the very first Bell Star helmet, the Bullitt is a […]

Draggin Next Gen Jeans

There’s nothing like a good pair of riding jeans. Not only are you protected from road rash should you come off, but you can also go incognito during the daily grind without advertising the fact that you’re a motorcyclist. Always handy considering most elevator conversations I’ve had about motorcycling have started with someone looking at […]

Shoei GT-Air Royalty TC1

I think most people now realise that you can get helmets for different situations. It just wasn’t until I spent time wearing the GT-Air from Shoei that I realised just what a big difference it makes wearing a helmet designed specifically for road riding. You see, I normally reach for my race helmet whenever I’m […]

Draggin Jeans Roo Hoody & Revz Jeans

I’ve always tried to make sure that when we ride a certain style of motorcycle for the magazine, our testers wear the sort of gear that suits the genre. That means for sportsbikes the team wear leathers, for touring bikes it’s textiles and custom bikes it’s usually a combination of a leather jacket and jeans. […]

Whites Multi-Function Jump Starter

When we go away for a long weekend ride, there are a few things we generally like to pack along with us, but from now on, any time I’m off on a bike for a weekend trip, the Whites Multi-Function Jump Starter will be coming along for the ride. Distributed by Whites Powersports, this lithium […]

HJC FG-ST Helmet

There’s nothing like getting a new lid. The smell, the solid feeling in the liner as you strap it on for the first time, there’s just nothing like it. If I could, I’d get a new lid far more often than I do already just for that. But there’s a reason for me now having […]

DriRider Multi-Tek Adventure Jacket

Designed for adventure riding, but with a tailored fit, plentiful adjusters and stylish look – great for any bike ride…

Sidi Mag-1 Boots

A pure sportsriding/race boot and lightweight slimline design that…

HJC RPHA10 Helmet

Our racer-reporter Glen Williams has been thrashing his HJC helmet for nigh on 18 months now, so what does he think?

Winter Boots

With winter well and truly here, what do you look for in suitable boots? We’ve selected five pairs of touring boots from five different manufacturers and at five different price points to show you what’s available for your budget. Sidi Canyon  Price: From $529 At $529, they’re not cheap but have a genuine Goretex full […]