What’s in the Latest Issue?


World Launch: BMW F 750 GS and F 850 GS
We send our tame adventurer to Spain to put BMW’s new mid-sized mountain goats through their paces.

Launch Report: Benelli Leoncino
Benelli is rapidly growing into the New Zealand market, and it appears the brand is onto a winner with the new Leoncino 500.

World Launch: Husqvarna Vitpilen 701
Husqvarna makes a stunning return to the road market with the Vitpilen.

Reader’s Ride: Jouled Up Aprilia
What goes into an electric motorcycle and what exactly can you achieve? We team up with MotoSync to delve into the inner workings…

Tested: Suzuki DR200S
It may be small, but the Suzuki DR200S packs plenty of adventurous spirit into its small frame.

Tested: Indian Roadmaster Classic
It’s big, it’s bold, and the boss fell in love with it. What’s so special about the special order Indian Roadmaster Classic?

Tested: Suzuki UK110 Address
Suzuki’s Address 110 has the heritage, but does the smaller capacity scoot live up to its ancestors? Sean finds out.


Tyre Test: Bridgestone T31 and A41
Paul hits the varying terrain of Morocco to put Bridgestone’s new A41 and T31 tyres through a thorough torture test.

Feature: When the Wheels Fall Off Helmet
Buying a used bike is fraught with dangers. Here’re our tips to avoid the wheels falling off your next purchase.

Feature: Sam Love
Sean follows Sam Love and Renate Jensen through their Norwegian Championship campaign.

Feature: Fuel Focus
We all know some fuels are better than others, but why should we care what we put in our tanks? We take a closer look.

Look Back: Kawasaki Z
Kawasaki brought back the true Zed spirit this year with the Z900RS, Roland takes us back through time to look at the green machine’s other noteworthy Zeds.

Event: Landspeed New Zealand
It’s taken years of hard slog, but on April 8th it all came together, and if you blinked you likely missed land speed racing’s return to Aotearoa.

ProRider: Manage the Ride
Every ride is different, but the basics of safety are usually the same. Here’s 10 top tips to safely navigate your next ride.

Racing: Fizzing About Fifites
Swannie cracks the cone of silence around the hugely underrated 50cc GP bikes.

Feature: The Ups and Downs of Quickshifters
We all know the basics of a quickshifter, it makes us change gears faster right? Well, there’s a lot more to it than that…

Racing: Super Season of Superbikes
The NZ road racing championship season is over, and what a season it was! Here’s what you missed.

Racing: Raw Talent
The Suzuki Gixxer Cup has seen its maiden season through, and there are many reasons to celebrate the diminutive racing class.

Dealer Focus: Powerhead Motorcycles
Powerhead Motorcycles of Papakura is reasonably new on the NZ motorcycle scene, but that hasn’t stopped the team proving you don’t need big backing to make a great customer experience.