What’s in the Latest Issue?


Yamaha Ténéré 700
Paul braved the Australian bush fires to test Yamaha’s new Ténéré 700, and even the wildest elements were no match for this adventurer!

Ducati Panigale V2
Roland Brown ventured to Jerez for a rip on Ducati’s new ‘baby’ Panigale V2, finding it quite civilised in nature.

EXCLUSIVE! Arch Motorcycles KRGT-1
Meeting Hollywood nice-guy Keanu Reeves and getting to ride Arch Motorcycles newest KRGT-1 in the same day? Adam Child lucked out!

Indian FTR1200S
After attending the American launch, Paul went to discover if the Indian flat-tracker is just as good on Kiwi backroads.

Honda CB500X
Kerry decided to get adventurous on the Honda CB500X, discovering that the smaller machine suited her to a tee for off-roading.


Facebook Poll Solo or Group Riding?
In this month’s Poll, we asked whether you prefer to ride alone or in a group, then discuss how to be safer and more comfortable in either option.

Get Ya Track On! 
To us, the arrival of summer means more riding. Hampton Downs recently invited us to try their International circuit, freshly resealed for a busy summer of track days!


Mike Pero Southern Classic 
It’s always one of the best classic race meets of the calendar, with legendary bikes and riders doing battle at Levels.

George Begg Exhibit
Invercargill’s Transport World and Classic Motorcycle Mecca are putting together an exhibit for a Kiwi great: homegrown hero and motorsport icon George Begg.

Mad Or Nomad – Japan 
Andy and Alissa have spent five months riding through Japan, taking in the vast culture, from the busy overcrowded neon cities to the quietly meticulous and ever-courteous country people.

BSA Low Flyer 
When Don Lowe saw a picture of a BSA MC1 he decided he wanted one himself. But in typical Kiwi fashion, that led to him making one in the shed.

BMW GS Rallye
Hayden Mills attended the annual BMW GS Raylle and discovered the gravel road delights of Northland.

The Crash Guy
Peter Sowter has been attending bike accidents and working out what went wrong for years. Unsurprisingly, there’s plenty we can do to make sure we don’t end up becoming a statistic.

Pro Rider
Pro Rider’s Mark Jones breaks down the effects of noise and how it affects motorcyclists, as well as how you can minimise its effects to improve your riding experience.