Dutch motorcycle apparel manufacturers, Macna, might describe themselves as ‘innovative, minimalist, experimental and quirky’, but the fact is they make some pretty terrific motorcycle gear. We’ve been testing the Impact Pro Jacket for a few months now, and it’s not only stood up to the abuse, but it’s also had us covered from the cold winter months to the scorching summer.

The Impact Pro has numerous features that Macna have incorporated to make it a truly versatile jacket. For protection, the jacket is constructed using Durylon Polyamide 500 fabric which covers off the abrasion resistance side of things. But that’s only half the story with Safetech CE level 2 armour in the shoulder and elbow areas. The back is also prepared to accept a CE back protector. Making sure you’re seen on the road is the smart Side Eye system, with the material on the flanks of the jacket looking discreet by day but turning retro-reflective at night. The jacket is also ready to accept Macna’s Vision Vest, a reflective panel that clips and zips into place, further improving the jacket’s visibility without affecting the functionality of the garment.

Kerry rocking the Macna Impact Pro Jacket

Comfort is also high on the list with the Impact Pro, especially in the neck area where the clever adjustment system allows you to get the fit just right, whether you’ve got the neck of a prop or that of a regular human. The Comfix system clicks and slides into place, giving you a secure fit every time.

Keeping the water at bay is the laminated Raintex system, with the membrane laminated directly to the outer layer meaning there’s simply nowhere for water to hide. With traditional drop-liner (or z-liner) membranes, water soaks through the outer layer of the jacket before it reaches the internal waterproof layer, meaning you are still wearing a soaking wet jacket. With the laminated system, the water doesn’t get the change to soak in anywhere, making for a dryer and lighter jacket. It’s breathable too as you’d expect, so as the weather has got warmer and drier, simply removing the thermal liner and opening the vents has meant the jacket is versatile enough for all year riding. 

There’s adjustment almost everywhere, meaning you can get the correct fit and stop flapping, while the cuff system makes it easy to get a secure fit over any gloves. If you’re looking for a jacket with plenty of features that doesn’t cost the earth, then it’s worth a trip to your local Macna dealer. With the Dutch regarded as a bit quirky, they’ve used their individual nature to come up with some new and interesting features that make motorcycle apparel work that bit better. 

With some of their other garments able to accept LED lights, their complete Night Eye jacket that literally leaps out at night, and various ways to zip and attach garments to one another, the Macna range is obviously made by talented people who ride motorcycles. The Impact Pro has done half a year and is looking like it’ll still be in action for many more seasons to come.

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