If you’ve seen the subscription pages of BRM this month, you’ll see that the prize is a Monimoto GPS tracker. And if you’ve ever been the victim of a motorcycle theft (or any other theft for that matter), then you might already have heard of this product. But if not, Monimoto has been making motorcycle-specific GPS trackers for many years and the series 7 is their latest version.

The beauty of the Monimoto tracker is that it’s essentially a set and forget installation. The small unit needs to be hidden somewhere on the motorcycle, preferably where it’s not going to be seen by a prospective thief. The unit contains a SIM card which allows it to connect to the cellular network, and once armed has a motion detector which reacts when the bike is moved.

The beauty of the Monimoto tracker is that it’s essentially a set and forget installation.

The arming and disarming of the unit is done automatically by a fob, which you’ll need to be carrying in the pocket of your riding gear. Get close to the bike and the tracker deactivates and you can ride away without triggering the system. But if you’re a nasty criminal and you try to move the bike without the fob being nearby, the tracker automatically dials the number you’ve specified (usually your cellphone) and tells you that the bike is being moved. A call is much more likely to grab your attention than a message.

When the tracker first calls you it sends you the coordinates of where the bike is and then continues to send you GPS coordinates to your Monimoto app until the movement stops. Then it will send you a final location and continue to send that every 30 minutes until the unit is deactivated by you and the fob arriving.

It’s a simple yet very effective system, and users we’ve spoken to have heaped praise on the Monimoto unit and the way it works, saying they’ve never felt as secure with leaving their motorcycle as they have with the Monimoto system. 

Set up is quick and easy, with the unit that sits hidden in the bike powered by two Lithium 1.5v batteries. These should last around a year, so the unit doesn’t need to be attached to the bike’s battery and therefore can’t be disabled by the thief disconnecting the motorcycle’s electrics. There’s an initial procedure that needs to be done using the Monimoto app on your iOS or Android device which takes around 10 minutes, and the eSIM which is embedded in the unit needs to be activated, with a charge of $79 per year covering the service.

For further info head to www.bits4bikes.co.nz and search for Monimoto.

Tested by: The BRM Team Distributed by: Whites Powersports
Price: $299.00 (Annual $79 subscription) Check It: www.bits4bikes.co.nz

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