KTM recently held their second annual Adventure Rallye in Australia, and going by the footage, it was the very definition of adventure!

The KTM Adventure Rallye format follows a similar track at each event, with riders of all road legal KTM machinery eligible to take on the multi-day adventure. With rental bikes on offer in some countries (such as NZ), and KTM ambassador’s such as our very own Chris Birch on hand to make sure both man and machine are challenged, these are events not to be missed.

The second KTM Adventure Rallye NZ is just a couple of months away and is heading to the Adventure Paradise that is Otago and the Southern Alps. And while we know you don’t really need motivation to dust off that old Team Tangerine jacket, and pull the ol’ 990 Adventure out of the back of shed, get yourself amped up and rearing to go by watching the full feature from our cousins over the ditch.

That appetite for adventure whetted? Now check out what’s in store for the KTM NZ Adventure Rallye!

For more info, or to get yourself in on the limited places available, head to the Ride KTM website.

We’ll see you there!