Like everyone here at BRM HQ, I appreciate a good set of boots that not only offer the safety required when out on the road, but also give plenty of protection from the elements. So, to say I’ve been stoked with the SIDI Deep Rain boots is an understatement. These kicks are quite something.

The Deep Rain boots are a hybrid road/off road boot, so they visually combine some of the cool aspects of a dirt boot, like the adjustable buckles and high shin protection, with a classic road boot toe and a thick lug sole. Essentially, they are designed as a light adventure rider’s boot, offering the best of both the road and off-road worlds with styling to look the part. They fit like a glove, and they should, with the adjustable buckles there to ensure the boots are a snug fit, no matter your foot size or how thick your socks are. The boot upper is secured by Velcro, which also adds in plenty of flexibility.

Wandering about in the Deep Rain boots is surprisingly comfy considering the height of the boots and the tighter setting I like to keep the buckles fastened at. Okay, you won’t go walking up a mountain in them, but they’re more than comfortable enough to kick about in off the bike for extended periods of time. While you won’t go MotoX riding with these bad boys – they aren’t quite that hard-core on the protection side – you’ll feel more than safe attacking a gravel backroad with the level protection on offer. The armour feels beefy for a what is technically a road boot, with the boot giving off a really solid feel and carrying a bit more weight than say, a regular touring boot. That said, I’d take a slightly heavier boot with decent armour over a lightweight boot any day. The sole offers a decent amount of grip and I find I’m quite sure footed while wearing them in a variety of conditions.

With Deep Rain in the name you’d expect them to handle wet weather duties well and I’m happy to report that so far, the Deep Rain boots haven’t let a drop in while out on a wet ride. The breathable, waterproof membrane extends all the way to the top of the boot, so unless your trou’ are wicking terribly, you shouldn’t feel any water working its way into the boot.

The only functional downside to the Deep Rain I have so far found is that, while they’re flexible enough for most bikes, you probably don’t want to wear them on bikes with rearsets, as the buckles can make them a bit uncomfortable (unless you loosen them off considerably, but that’d defy the point, wouldn’t it?).

For the price of $529, you get a pretty comprehensive boot which can be used in most situations, safe in the knowledge that you’re only likely to get your feet wet from the elements if you go swimming with them on.

Price: $529 | Distributed by: Darbi Accessories | Rating: Bone

Test by: Mat