American manufacturer Harley-Davidson have just released more information regarding their electric LiveWire motorcycle, including performance, electronic rider aids and interface, and available colour options.

Powered by the all-new H-D Revelation™ permanent-magnet electric motor, the LiveWire™ makes 105hp and 116Nm of torque. Unlike an internal combustion motor, the H-D Revelation motor produces 100% of its rated torque the instant the throttle is twisted, resulting in incredible and seamless acceleration – 0-100km/h takes only 3 seconds, and 100-130km/h takes only a further 1.9 seconds. With a range of up to 235 kilometres (city), the H-D Revelation motor certainly has the numbers to back up the hype.

Cooling for the electric motor is provided by a water jacket, circulating coolant through a small radiator, the only similarity between the Revelation motor and an internal combustion engine. Power is provided by a 15.5kWh high-voltage battery, called a ‘Rechargeable Energy Storage System’ (RESS), composed of lithium-ion cells, positioned in the centre of the motorcycle frame. The RESS is enclosed in a cast-aluminium housing which also acts as a heat-sink to help cool the cells. The sides of the housing are finned and exposed to the air, visible within the motorcycle frame. It is attached to the frame at several points, adding to the overall rigidity of the chassis.

The LiveWire™ can regenerate power as well, when the rider is coasting ‘off-throttle’, the motor becomes a generator. The rider can adjust the level of regeneration, as an element of each of the four Ride Modes, which also control the performance characteristics of the motorcycle. Power levels, throttle response, and traction control settings are pre-programmed into each of the four Ride Modes, and three Custom Modes are also available for the rider to programme in their own personal settings.

The 4.3-inch colour TFT touchscreen (with included Bluetooth) is located above the handlebars, offering a wide range of information on display, as well as a menu system to allow the rider to adjust settings to their requirements. The LiveWire™ is equipped with multiple rider aids, including Cornering-Enhanced ABS and Traction Control systems (C-ABS and C-TCS), as well as Drag-Torque Slip Control System (DSCS), which is designed to manage rear-wheel slip to prevent rear-wheel lockup during regenerative braking, which typically occurs on wet or slippery road surfaces, working in tandem with the ABS system.

The LiveWire™ is equipped with a Level 1 charger that plugs directly into a standard household wall power-socket, with a special power cord that stores under the motorcycle seat. Level 1 range-per-hour of charging is approximately 20 kilometres. The LiveWire™ will fully charge overnight on the Level 1 charger. The latest in DC Fast Charge (DCFC) technology is also standard on the LiveWire™, and may be used to charge the motorcycle through an SAE connector. With the DCFC system, a 0-80% charge can be attained in 40 minutes, or a full 100% charge in 60 minutes.

Harley-Davidson have also equipped the LiveWire™ with their H-D™ Connect service technology, providing cellular connectivity that can link a LiveWire™ owner with their motorcycle through their smart phone using the latest version of the free Harley-Davidson™ App. The H-D App transmits key vehicle information and provides the owner with the reassurance of being able to remotely monitor their motorcycle’s security, including tamper alerts and stolen-vehicle assistance. It also allows the owner to check battery level, available range, and charge time, all without having to be near the motorcycle.

The Harley-Davidson LiveWire™ will be available in three colour options: Vivid Black, Yellow Fuse, or Orange Fuse. A variety of accessories will also be available to customise the LiveWire™ to rider’s personal tastes.
It is expected in New Zealand next year, with no confirmed pricing available at the time of print.

Photos: H-D Media Kit