Actually, they’ve done more than stick a bag on either side, they’ve headed into perilous waters but this time at least they’re aware of what can go wrong… Lessons learned with their C-Series ‘chopper’ are hanging over their heads but this new bagger looks like they really have been working on American styling. Whether that is your idea of a great looking bike or not, it seems to work. With the full box of tricks heading across with the engine, it’s a high-tech take on the bagger/cruiser theme and with that straight-six in situ, it’s going to be capable of surprising more than a few who may scoff before the lights change.

Long and low, will it be able to foot it in the US of A? More importantly, will we see it here in New Zealand anytime soon? No word yet but we will keep you posted.[/double_paragraph][double_paragraph]



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