Avon Tyres has just launched the latest its sport-touring tyres, the all-new Avon Spirit ST. 

The Spirit ST takes over duties from Avon’s Storm 3D range and has been designed to provide excellent levels of wet grip together with high-performance handling on a wide range of popular sport-touring bikes. Featuring a radical new tread pattern, the Spirit ST uses the latest high-silica synthetic rubber compounds for improved mileage.

Avon’s engineers have enhanced the performance of their flagship sport-touring tyre, so much so that the new Spirit ST is designated as a hypersport touring tyre – offering supreme stability and grip in all riding conditions. 

Avon has responded to the needs of its customers to deliver a new sport-touring tyre that can build on the features and benefits of the existing Avon Storm 3D X-M, including a cutting edge compound, tread and carcass design, along with outstanding wet and dry performance. 

For the development of the Spirit ST, Avon’s motorcycle research and development department began with an all-new carcass construction design that gives ultra-high-performance handling and stability. 

Avon then wrapped it in a highly-loaded silica compound, using cutting edge polymer technology, while adding a multi-compound tread on the rear. This essentially gives more life in the centre of the tyre for extensive motorway miles. Like many of its contemporaries, the edges of the Spirit ST are made with a softer compound, for maximum grip while cornering. A new computer-aided tread design that maximises water-clearing was designed especially for the Spirit ST, which also features improved wear characteristics. 

The Spirit ST’s distinctive tread pattern – which echoes the layout of a racing wet tyre – incorporates extensive water-clearing grooves, meaning the Spirit ST moves more water than ever before whilst maintaining its operating temperature over a wide range of conditions.

Ashley Vowles, Avon’s motorcycle tyre design engineer, said, “Our target was to design a sport touring tyre with exceptional wet and dry grip, and superb handling and stability characteristics, while maintaining the mileage performance for which Avon Tyres has been renowned. We have carried out various tests on many different bike models using a number of test riders and the results have been outstanding. We are very excited about the new Spirit ST range and are looking forward to its release.” 

Available in a range of popular sport-touring sizes, the Spirit ST should arrive in NZ shortly.