When a stack of Acerbis Rattlehead neck tubes landed in the BRM office I was a little hesitant to grab one at first. Sure I’ve seen BRM’s editor, Paul, riding around with similar products around his neck for years, but to me the thin material ‘neck sock’ seemed a bit weird. How could it keep my neck warm or cool while out riding? Determined to find out what I was missing out on, I grabbed the orange option (one of five colour swatches) to give it a go.

And you know what? As simple as the concept is, it really does seem to work. Slipping the tight neck tube over your head you notice that it is a snug fit around your neck. Since polyester is stretchy it isn’t uncomfortable once on.

With my reasonably long daily commute between Cambridge and Paeroa, the long and windy straights of the Hauraki Plains proved to be an excellent location to test the neck tube. In the mornings, it tends to be a bit on the cold side, but even though it is made of quite thin material, the Acerbis keeps the wind chill off while also preventing a cold blast from getting under my jacket.

The trip home on the other hand is not only much warmer (on a good day at least) but also has its own perils, in particular the clouds upon clouds of bugs. Not only did it keep my neck at a nice temperature, but also protected me from arriving home with a neck caked in bugs. Always a plus.

Made from 100% anti-bacterial polyester, the Rattlehead is a versatile bit of kit. Not only does it work as a neck protector, it also has other uses. Once you’ve finished the ride you can pull it up over your head and wear it as a bandana, or whip it off and wrap it around your wrist (if you’re that way inclined).  Most of all, I’m looking forward to the added protection from the sun this coming summer. Let’s face it, there’s not much worse than oily sunblock rubbing off on your riding gear.

Price: $11.80
Where to get one: All good bike shops