Everyone’s got a helmet cam, right? Chances are you’ve got one and have spent a few years riding around, getting footage of stuff coming towards you, all of which is pretty one-dimensional and not especially exciting.

Well, I can tell you the world of helmet cams has just changed, and it’s got a whole lot cooler!

Garmin, the crowd who pioneered GPS technology, has made the step into cameras with the VIRB 360, and done one hell of an incredible job.

As the name suggests, the VIRB films in 360-degrees, meaning that when you’ve uploaded the video to Facebook or some other channel to show everyone how cool you are, viewers can move the camera around and see everything that’s going on.

It’s incredible, and brings a whole ‘nother level to action video.

Using the camera is easy, with a slider on the side being all that’s required to get the camera recording. You can WiFi the image to your phone to see where the lens is pointing, and the four inbuilt microphones mean that it’s not only the video which is totally surrounding. Put a set of virtual reality headphones on and it’ll be like being on the bike again!

An App lets you edit the video simply, while also adding professional touches like titles and transitions, and makes uploading your footage to Facebook or YouTube a breeze.

The VIRB not only makes videoing easy, it also adds an entirely new dimension to your footage.

Price: $1,299 / Distributed by: Garmin (www.garmin.co.nz) / Test: Paul