We tend to get a few releases featuring custom motorcycles across our desks here at BRM, but none have created as much controversy within BRM Towers as Ton-up Garage’s latest project.

Dubbed the Ton-up Garage Outrun, the Yard Built project bike from the Portuguese custom outfit features neon colours and harsh lines to appear as futuristic, but for those of us in the BRM office, it doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Yep, to some of us, the bike instead conjures up thoughts resembling a cardboard body kit you used to see boy racers put on their Honda Civics back in the day thanks to the copious angles which completely reshape the formally rounded lines of the XSR700.

With that said, and even though it is not our cup of tea visually, we can totally appreciate the hard work that’s gone into it – some of which is incredibly intricate.

With the theme for the Yamaha Europe sponsored Yard Built project stipulated as “Back to the Future” Ton-Up Garage ran with the theme producing a bike that harks back to the 80s and the early days of modern day computer tech. The body is handmade by welding aluminium polygons – which old-school gamers will remember from graphics of the 1990s – with a brushed aluminium finishing and a fresh coat of transparent varnish instead of paint to let the aluminium shine through in all its glory.

The guys at Ton-up Garage even hand-built their own wheels and stainless steel exhaust to complete the look and feel of the bike and fitted it with street-legal racing rubber.

While we aren’t quite sure on the styling as it sits ourselves, we do have one idea to take this bike from simply eye catching, to epic. Have you ever seen the United States’ Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk? Imagine how cool the Ton-up Garage XSR700 would look in rubberised black…