Overnight it seems the motorcycling world has vastly changed, with multiple manufacturers unveiling the next generation of motorcycles at the Intermot show in Cologne.


p90234007_lowres_bmw-s-1000-rr-bmw-sFor BMW the focus has been on getting its wicked litrebikes up to scratch for the increasingly tough Euro4 emissions scheme. All three models, the S1000R, RR, and XR are now fully Euro4 compliant. While the RR now gets DCT as standard, other modifications to the model revolve around new colour choices and optional accessories.

When it comes to the naked S1000R the bike has taken a 5hp jump in peak power, now sitting at 165hp @11,000rpm. The XR gets the same jump in power, while both bikes also get new handlebars to reduce vibration. Something that anyone who has ridden either would have noticed as one of the few problems with BMW’s litrebikes.

In the touring corner the big K1600GT has also received a multitude of updates. Included in the 2017 upgrade list are electronic dynamic suspension, reverse assist, Shift Assistant Pro for shifting up and down without using the clutch.



2017 Honda CBR1000RR SP
2017 Honda CBR1000RR SP

CBR1000RR Fireblade: Have have teased us for weeks with snippets of the new ‘Blade, and now here it is in all its glory. Hitting showrooms with two variants available, an SP and SP2 homologation special, the new blade has been extensively reworked for the 2017 model year. As expected, electronics now take a leading role in the new blade, with bits nicked off the RC213V-S as well as semi-active Öhlins Electronic Control suspension (S-EC), plus a number of rider aids built around the five-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that now resides in the bike. Power has taken a jump



Over on the KTM stand the Austrian brand has been showing off their latest adventure models as well as their new MotoGP machine. Check out our own Chris Birch flogging the new 1090 Adventure R and 1290 Super Adventure R in the desert right here. 

KTM 1290 Super Adventure R.
KTM 1290 Super Adventure R.


gsxr1000rGSX-R1000: Is this the bike we’ve been waiting seemingly forever for? Suzuki have pulled the wraps off the highly anticipated 2017 GSX-R1000, and if first impressions are worth anything, it has been worth the wait.

Apart from an all new engine, the new Gixxer will be the first bike to be homologated for use in the World Superbike Championship with Variable Valve Timing (VVT). The new bike finally joins the modern age with less weight, more power, and importantly, a host of electronic aids.

GSX-S750: Suzuki have added a smaller capacity performance focused street bike the the range with the addition of the GSX-S750. Following on from last year’s GSX-S1000 models the 750 hits the market with a retuned K5 GSX-R750 engine at its heart.

GSX-R125: For the first time in years, Suzuki have a new learner sized version of the Gixxer – the GSX-R125. Taking its styling cues from the hero bike the 125 also gets ABS.Suzuki New Zealand doesn’t yet know if the baby Gixxer will make it to our shores, but it definitely would make it to our list to have a go on if it does!

dl650a_xal7_action_1V-Strom 650: The V-Strom was starting to look a tad old, and when the updated DL1000 dropped a couple of years ago, we knew that it was only a matter of time before 650 got the same treatment.

Along with the new looks the new DL650 comes in the same two variants (DL650 ABS and DL650XT ABS) we were introduced to last year, while also gaining the traction control system from the bigger bike.


160929_mt-09_visual_tcm269-668844The MT-09 gets a facelift for 2017, now resembling the MT-10 that joined the Monster Torque family this year. Along with the twin LED headlights, the MT09 also gets a slimmed down rear end, swingers mounted rear fender, slipper clutch, quick shifter, and importantly new “high specification” front suspension.

2017_yam_mt10dx_eu_bwm2_act_005-1MT-10 gets SP version: It was bound to happen with the MT-10 establishing itself out of the incredible YZF-R1. Now the model has its first upgrade since launch in the form of the MT-10 SP. Both the base MT-10 and SP models gain a quick shifter, where the SP exclusively  gets an R1M inspired colour scheme, Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension, and the full colour Thin Film Transistor meter panel.

SCR950 – Bolt gets off road chops: Based around the same engine as the Bolt family, the SCR950 takes the cool factor of Yamaha’s modern urban cruisers and gives them some off road chops thanks to a scrambler makeover. The SCR joins the growing Sport heritage segment of the Yamaha range, but we’re yet to hear if the model will make it to our shores. It definitely has the look in either case.

For a full rundown of Intermot 2016, grab a copy of the next issue of Bike Rider Magazine.