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Shoei GT-Air 3 Realm TC5

GT Air 3

Kerry is happy that the new year has brought a new helmet, with an updated GT-Air from Shoei, sure to keep her looking and feeling cool.

I’ve been wearing Shoei helmets for a few years now, and there’s nothing quite like pulling a new model out of the box and slipping it on. My old Shoei has certainly seen plenty of use, so it was definitely time to put it into retirement.

I’ve stuck to the GT-Air as the shape fits my head plus I like the premium feel of the Shoei – you really know you’re getting quality. The only downside of going for the new GT-Air 3 is that the intercoms from my GT-Air 2 doesn’t fit, so it looks like I’ll be waiting a bit before I have tunes when I ride once more.

Other than my old helmet being a bit stinky, the main reason to upgrade is that the new model passes the more stringent ECE testing regime, which just gives me that extra sense of security when heading out for a ride. Trying it for the first time and it was good to see the ratchet system has been redesigned, making it more comfortable to wear and that you can now crack the visor slightly for extra ventilation. There’s a Pinlock EVO lens in the box, which I haven’t fitted yet, but it is something I’ll do before winter to avoid the dreaded fogging up. And while I’ve only been on a short ride with the new lid, it does seem to be a bit quieter, although that can vary so much between bikes.

Finally, the best bit of all, I think, is the new design, with the graphics looking good without being too wild and still featuring a decent amount of white at the front. I’m looking forward to many more kilometres in the Shoei and will report back on how I get on.

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