Honda have deliberately not been secretive about their impending new challenger in the adventure market. With its model designation now formally announced, along with a loose launch date of late this year, their new CRF1000 has big boots to fill. Even the name CRF is straight from their off-road models and their successful rally machines from the likes of the Dakar. Adding Africa Twin to its designation calls on some historic models from the open-class Rally heyday. With hints at high levels of sophistication being dropped at will, it does look like Honda have decided to leap back into the game boots and all. Sure, they have the VFR derived bikes but they’re not hard-edged explorers like many other brands offer. Teaser photos have been released which tell us… nothing apart from it has twin headlights. We know it’s a V-twin, so it has to be an entirely new motorcycle – exciting enough in its own right but we’re keen to see what Honda have been doing behind closed doors.