After a weekend pootling around the countryside on test bikes, at this time of the year, you can be assured that when you do get home the bike is going to be covered in all sorts of road muck. Paul and Kerry just spent two days out and about on a couple of bikes, and sure enough, they weren’t looking too flash when they came back to BRM HQ. Luckily, on Friday a package had arrived at the office from the awesome folk at Forbes & Davies Ltd, guaranteed to make light work of any future bike cleaning tasks.

Muc-Off’s new ‘Snow Foam’ is the latest generation from the well-proven cleaning materials company. The result of ‘extensive in-house research and development’, it packs a formula that breaks down dirt and road film, quickly and easily taking care of splattered bugs, road grime, and anything else that might decide to cake itself all over your nice machine. Designed to precede Muc-Off’s shampoo wash, the Snow Foam goes on easily and quickly, you can literally clip it to your pressure washer and spray to your heart’s content.

Well, so goes the theory, anyway. We didn’t have a pressure washer handy on the sunniest day of the week here, so instead we simply fashioned a bottle to clip onto the garden hose. Same deal, right? Yep, besides a little extra ‘aggravation’ with a brush or a foam sponge, the stuff works just as easily and quickly. Heck, we even gave the boss’s ute a quick going over too, that’s how easy it is!

Clean freaks will definitely want to continue with all the ‘steps’ on offer from Muc-Off, but for a quick clean and de-bug, the Snow Foam suits our purposes perfectly. As Paul mentioned, its a whole heap easier than squeezing a trigger a gazillion times on their smaller Muc-Off bottles to coat your bike in detergent! Cramping hands begone, this handy spray works a treat for cleaning the grime off the bikes.

Once sprayed on, a quick going over with a soft brush or foam sponge is all it takes to dislodge even the most baked on nastyness, followed by a liberal washing off with the hose to leave the paint, metal, glass, and even rubber and leather surfaces nice and clean, ready for the next ride. We let the bikes dry off in the sun, the excess water dripping off streak-free. Even more surprising, the application bottle was still mostly full after doing two bikes and the boss’s ute – meaning the Snow Foam will last even longer than the old-fashioned trigger style bottles.

The advertising blurb says that Muc-Off Snow Foam is pH neutral, safe for waxed surfaces, paint sealants, and polishes, meaning if you are really fastidious with your bike cleaning, it will help keep the shine for longer. For best results, it is designed for use with pressure washer foam lances, but all we know is that it makes the task of cleaning bikes a breeze. Perfect for when the boss asks us to wash his bike again after he gets back from a weekend ride!

Tester: Scott | Distributed by: Forbes & Davies Ltd | Price: 1-litre – $23.29; 5-litre – $95.15 | Check it: