When the Moto One Vert 360 two-piece riding suit turned up at BRM towers, I was impressed.

Personally, I like two-piece riding suits. Practically, they’re appealing as, in the past, I have found one piece will invariably wear faster than the other. My miserly side prefers to replace one half, rather than one whole.

Fashionably speaking, a two-piece works better too, and no more so than with the Moto One suit, which comes either in grey/black or black/yellow.

As you can see, we have the grey/black which I have to say, is not overly flattering when worn in its entirety. Buy two suits, and you can fashionably mix n match.

The Vert 360 jacket is a clever piece of kit, with three core components: a Cordura 520D outer with 600D Polyester inserts, a detachable weatherproof inner and a detachable thermal inner. All of these may be worn at once or stripped down and stored in the outer jacket, which features a back, shock protector and light, but CE-approved armour at the elbows and shoulders.

The lightweight outer – weighing little more than a windcheater with all its inners out – features a plethora of pockets, but the real trick is the venting. There’s well-concealed venting all over this jacket, to the point that when you have it all open, it looks like you’ve been attacked by a big cat; the vent mesh material being a brilliant scarlet. It certainly is eye-catching as well as being effective for heat dissipation.

On the subject of being eye catching, the jacket has one other feature which we felt set it apart from every other jacket – the inclusion of a flashing LED button on the shoulder. Activated by simply pushing the button, the LED goes a long way to draw attention to an already visible jacket.

As to the pants, these too offer detachable liners from the Cordura 500D outer with 1680D Cordura reinforcement on calf and thigh. The crotch is also Cordura, but stretches to accommodate flex, but it also offers grip, so if you need to adjust your seating position on the bike, it’s a question of ‘stand and deliver’ as opposed to ‘scoot and slide’.

CE-approved protection for the knees and hips is a given, and the pants offer both front and rear pockets. The waist is elasticised, as are the knee sections, as visually demonstrated by the concertina look of the Cordura.

For those needing ‘flexibility in fit’, the zip and button fasteners are supplemented with back strap braces and the pants can connect via zip to the Moto One jacket.

Moto One being an Italian supplier, the styling was sharp, with the jacket looking as good on the rider if he was in a casual corner of a café as when he is astride a Ducati.

I say ‘he’ advisedly, because Moto One also offers the same kit for her, with requisite attention to sizing of course.

Tested by Sean – Distributed by Eurobike Wholesale – Pricing: Jacket $599.00 Pants $449.00 Gloves $149.00 Ensemble $1197.00 – Rating: Molto Bene!