I’ve never got wet! That’s quite a statement, but whenever I’ve worn my Dririder gear and I hadn’t quite got my pre-ride weather planning quite right, it’s managed to keep me safe and dry, which is everything you need in a textile outfit.

I’ve had this outfit for well over 18 months and it’s been my gear of choice come summer, winter, spring, autumn or winter. You will have seen it on me, too, as I’ve ridden many bikes for the magazine during that time and it’s an outfit that can go pretty much with anything. Okay, I’m not going to blast around a racetrack in it, but if it’s a cruiser, naked, learner or sporty that I’m riding on the road, the Explorer has been a comfortable outfit to slip on and head out into the elements.

As with most of these types of garments, there’s a heap of zips both inside and out, but I have to say that it’s been easy to live with as I regularly insert or remove the thermal liner to suit the conditions. The waterproof and breathable liner also zips out, a handy feature, as being that this is an Australian-made brand, the Explorer can be opened up to allow plenty of airflow when you know it’s absolutely, positively not going to rain.

At the front of the jacket are two decent pockets at the base of the jacket, as well as a further two higher up, which feature waterproof zips and are perfect for stashing the mobile phone. There are air vents at the top and the side; plus, the arms have adjustment straps, so you can keep them well fitted. The neck closure is Velcro that, just occasionally, tends to come open if I haven’t secured it just right. But when it is in place, there’s a comfort piece that positions underneath your chin area to avoid any chance of chaffing.

If I’m not wearing the Explorer with my favourite Draggin jeans, I’ve got a set of Dririder pants that are made to the same exacting quality. Like the jacket, the pants feature a removable thermal liner and have two huge panels that can be zipped open at the front to give ventilation in summer. The trousers and jacket zip together to avoid them coming apart in the advent of a spill; although, it’s a shame it’s only one zip at the back rather than one that goes the entire way around). The multiple adjusters on the trouser, like the jacket, means you can get the pants to fit well and there’s really no flapping around even when travelling at speed.

I guess the deciding factor about a set of riding gear is whether you’d go for the same brand again; and with Dri Rider, I’d definitely say yes. It’s lasted well, is versatile, resilient and waterproof. Looking at it more closely to write this review, I’ve also noticed it’s pretty grubby, so it might be time for the outfit to ‘Explore’ the washing machine…

Test: Kerry | Rating: 9/10 | Check Out: www.bits4bikes.co.nz



Dri Rider’s entry-level Adventure jacket with a lot of features for the price

Strong outer shell in MAXTEX 600D & 1680D Matt and CE Approved armour

For summer, there are multiple air-vents to get the air flowing and you can be quickly prepared for any weather with waterproof and thermal liners that are easily removed or inserted to suit the climate

Comfortable to wear with stretch zones in the chest, shoulders & elbows and plenty of pockets to store your gear

Available in a great range of colours to suit any adventure bike