CAPTION: Motorcycling New Zealand president Glen Williams (left) with Motorcycling Australia’s general manager Peter Doyle.


MARCH 30, 2016: The spirit of co-operation between Motorcycling New Zealand and trans-Tasman neighbours Motorcycling Australia continues to grow.

Motorcycling New Zealand (MNZ) president Glen Williams managed to catch up with Motorcycling Australia (MA) general manager Peter Doyle when he was over in Sydney for a recent holiday break.

“It was convenient timing, as the second round of the Yamaha Motor Finance Superbike Championship was being held just two hours’ drive south of Sydney, at Wakefield Park,” Williams explained.

“The meeting with Peter reinforced the developing bond between Motorcycling Australia and Motorcycling New Zealand, and further recognises the strong similarities between the two FIM affiliated Oceania organisations.

“New Zealand and Australia are exposed to many of the same challenges in both the on-road and off-road sectors,” he said.

“Challenges include things like ever-improved safety measures needing to be met and the establishment of structures within our organisations that allow new riders to become involved while also providing pathways for riders to develop.”

The two men both agreed that identifying and maintaining sustainable commercial partnerships within the sport of motorcycling that provide benefits to all parties was an important ingredient for the futures of both groups.

They further agreed that the potential to provide an improve trans-Tasman pathway for riders between our countries was certainly something that both organisations would be welcoming and fostering.”

If any MNZ riders are wanting to head across the Tasman Sea to Australia or would like information on any upcoming events – they should contact the MNZ office on 07-8287852.

Kiwi riders who have already seen the advantage of mixing it up with Australia’s best include just-crowned New Zealand superbike champion Sloan Frost, from Wellington, and Christchurch’s Ryan Hampton. Frost and Hampton finished fifth and sixth respectively in the premier superbike class at Wakefield Park at the weekend.

In recent times, New Zealand motocross riders such as Cody Cooper, Kayne Lamont, Ben Townley and Hamish Harwood have also crossed the Tasman to tackle the Australian nationals.

And the “hopping across the ditch” has not just been one-way traffic, with road-racers such as Alex Phillis, Linden Magee, Robbie Bugden, Troy Guenther  and Dan Stauffer, to list just a handful, and motocross racers such as Kirk Gibbs, Dean Ferris, Todd Waters, Jay Wilson and Jed Beaton, to name a few, seeing the benefits of racing in New Zealand in recent years.

Long may this friendly rivalry and cooperation continue.

Credit: Words and photo by Andy McGechan,