We have a lot of respect for Honda’s CRF230 dirt bike here at BRM. With sister magazine DRD having previously built one up as a learner machine, we’ve often enjoyed seeing if we could break the little Honda while ‘borrowing it for scientific reasons’, with no success thus far.

But what if you could manage to break one? In a bike they aren’t the most fire breathing of engines, more suited as a solid and reliable learner engine, but in something much smaller they can be something much more entertaining.

Enter this CRF powered Barbie Mustang, now this thing REALLY knows how to schred!

This foray into the world of four-wheeled lunacy comes from the lads behind the YouTube channel Grind Hard Plumbing Co.

Though it doesn’t seem that do all that much plumbing, they are rather adept at putting good old fashioned internal combustion engines into what on the surface looks like that electric Barbie car your niece got for Christmas.

While it may look on the surface like the same setup you’d get for your favourite 3-year-old, it is in fact a proper go kart chassis underneath the bright pink body.

With the CRF230 engine squeezed into the front of the thing, and a few teething issues sorted out, the boys claim their little pink ‘stang will do 115km/h!

#%^* THAT!