We can’t get away from our smartphones, especially now they’ve got so good at giving us directions. But with a motorcycle being a harsh environment for the delicate electronics of a phone, you need to make sure you’ve got the right holder for the job.

This Givi holder is suitable for an iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5 (or similarly sized phones) and consists of a sturdy cover which opens up fully thanks to the two perimeter zips. Once opened up, the phone is velcroed in place with a padded back to make sure it’s cossetted throughout the journey. There’s a port at the bottom so you can get a power cable in, and it also comes with a waterproof cover for those times when the weather doesn’t play ball.

But there’re two things that really make this phone holder stand out. Firstly, if you gloves work on your phone’s screen, then they’ll also work when in the case which is really handy. Secondly, the Givi case has a patented quick release system which means you can simply remove the case with the phone it when you leave the bike. It’s a one-handed system and again can be done with your gloves on, and if you have a couple of bikes, spare mounting kits are available.

If you need to carry your phone on the bike then this Givi case makes it simple and easy. Working the phone? Well, that’s down to you.

Available: Givi Stockists Nationwide
Price: $79.00
Rating: 10/10
Test: Paul