Presented via a live streaming event across several of their internet portals, Ducati have unveiled their range of motorcycles for 2020 on the stage of the Palacongressi di Rimini, with CEO of Ducati Motor Holding Claudio Domenicali personally removing the covers off each model.

“For the Ducati World Première 2020 we have chosen to remain in the Motor Valley, a territory that unites a series of extraordinary brands – unparalleled in the world – of which we are proud to be a part”, stated Claudio Domenicali as he opened the Ducati World Première 2020. “Today we are unveiling a number of dream bikes, but also three new Ebikes that will complement the Ducati MIG-RR, presented last year. The MIG-RR Limited Edition represents the top of the range and has truly excellent components, such as carbon rims and electronic gearshift, and it can also be customized with the customer’s name and a dedicated suspension setting. The MIG-S has premium equipment but a more affordable price and, finally, there is also a City Bike for the Ducati Scrambler world.
Moving on to motorcycles, there are new colours for the Diavel and Ducati Scrambler, the special Grand Tour version for the Multistrada 1260 S and three absolute novelties. First among these is the Panigale V2, our super-sporty twin powered by the 955cc Superquadro engine, the middle-weight superbike new both in its aesthetics and its performance.”

“We also present the new version of the Panigale V4, which for the second year in a row was the most sold sports bike in the world. We have collected and analysed the feedback and data from our passionate customers and the specialized press, and for 2020 we have made the Panigale V4 easier, less tiring to ride and more repeatable in performance even on uneven surfaces. It is faster on the stopwatch, and this improvement is greater the smaller the potential of the rider, therefore higher for an amateur than for a professional rider. The Panigale V4 is a bike that, when ridden by Michele Pirro in fully standard configuration, including the homologated exhaust and apart from the slick tyres, is capable of obtaining a chronometric response of just 3 seconds higher than its own record made on the Vallelunga circuit with the Superbike version of the bike.
Last to take the stage is the long-awaited Streetfighter V4, an extraordinary bike for which we have applied what, at Borgo Panigale, we like to call “The Fight Formula”: we took the Desmosedici Stradale 1,103 cc engine, added the latest-generation electronic package of the Panigale V4, lightened it to obtain a dry weight of 178 kg, added a tall and wide handlebar, removed the fairings and obtained 208 hp of power @ 12,750 rpm.
A high-performance motorcycle with great attention to comfort, thanks to relaxed ergonomics, a well-padded seat and suspension set for road use. A safe bike, like all new-generation Ducatis, thanks to a very complete electronic package that has the first objective of increasing riding ease and safety.”

First up on stage was the Ducati Scrambler Icon Dark – the 800cc ‘Land of Joy’ entry-level model, together with two concept bike sketches created by the Centro Stile Ducati for EICMA 2019.

The Ducati Multistrada 1260 S Grand Sport followed, a special version of the 1260 S, designed for comfort while covering many kilometres. Ducati then followed with two Diavel 1260 models, in new 2020 colours – named Dark Stealth and an all-new Ducati Red with white trims (for the S version).

The first of the all-new Ducati models was the Panigale V2. The twin-cylinder Panigale has a completely new look, powered by a 955cc Superquadro engine, with a sophisticated Inertial Platform-based electronics package. Producing 155hp and 104Nm, the Panigale V2 is Euro-5 emissions compliant, and features a monocoque frame, single-sided swing-arm, and a very compact exhaust with an under-engine silencer and single-side tail pipe.

The Ducati Panigale V4 has received a series of refinements for 2020, aimed at making the bike less fatiguing, whilst improving performance, through improved aerodynamics, and changes to the chassis, electronic controls, and Ride By Wire mapping. The 2020 Panigale V4 is equipped with parts from the V4-R, including aerofoils, the plexiglass screen, nose fairings, and larger lateral fairings, with more efficient side vents for improved radiator cooling. The Front Frame has modified stiffness to give better front-end ‘feel’ at high lean angles. Electronically, the DTC EVO2 (Ducati Traction Control) has also received an update to improve out-of-the-corner power control, and the DQS (Ducati Quick Shifter) has shorter up-shift times to boost shift-stability at high rpms. The bike also features a specially-developed Ride By Wire system mapping with several different torque delivery controls. Powering the V4 is the 1103cc Desmosedici Stradale, a MotoGP derived 90-degree V4 with Desmodromic timing, with a counter-rotating crankshaft and Twin Pulse firing order, delivering 214hp at 13,000rpm, and 123Nm of torque at 10,000rpm.

The star of the show had to be the new Ducati Streetfighter V4, the long-awaited super-naked. The Streetfighter V4 is essentially a stripped down Panigale V4, equipped with high, wide handlebars. Weighing only 178kg (kerb), the Streetfighter V4 makes 208hp, which is kept under control by ‘biplane aerofoils’ and the very latest generation of electronic rider aids. Ducati is calling it the ‘Fight Formula’. Equipped with the same 1103cc V4 as the Panigale V4, the Streetfighter V4 packs an impressive punch, both visually and in performance. The aerofoils generate 28kg of downforce at 270km/h, to reduce front-wheel lift at high speeds. Performance can be even further improved by mounting the full-racing Ducati Performance exhaust by Akrapovič, which raises power to 220hp and reduces weight by 6kg.

New Models for 2020

  1. Streetfighter V4 / S
  2. Panigale V2
  3. Panigale V4 / S

New Versions for 2020

  1. Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour
  2. Diavel 1260 S “Ducati Red”
  3. Diavel 1260 “Dark Stealth”
  4. Scrambler Icon Dark
  5. Monster 1200 “Black on Black”