Ahh, Labour Weekend, pretty much the last little break we get before Christmas. With the weather actually looking to be uncharacteristically decent, we can expect more than a few traffic snarl ups on the roads this weekend.

While the usual tip of avoiding busy state highways is an obvious way of avoiding the traffic when out for your long weekend ride, here’s three other tips to keep your sanity.Winter-riding

  • Plan ahead and avoid known hotspots
  • Take the road less travelled – you’ll see more of the country that way and even more enjoyable riding roads
  • Leave earlier – not always a guarantee but you’ll still miss a lot of the traffic if you leave early.

NZTA have published a map of all of the worst traffic hotspots around the country to help you plan your weekend a bit easier. It includes not only where these hotspots are, but also the times at which they are at their worst.

Check out where the hotspots are here.

Have a great weekend and keep the rubber on the road!