Yamaha is not a stranger to cutting edge tech – just look at the R1M! – but now the bLU cRU is turning things up a notch in the tech stakes, introducing a new social app to the motorcycling community.

Social riding apps for smartphones aren’t anything new by a long stretch, but to date, none of the large manufacturers have backed the technology which mixes social features with functions such as GPS, accelerometers, lean angle sensors and more.

Interestingly, Yamaha is pushing the MyRide App for use by all motorcyclists, regardless of what brand they ride. A PR masterstroke by the Blue Team, which is sure to garner positive results.

With the Yamaha MyRide app, riders can record everything from lean angle, acceleration and speed through to elevation and braking force, making every journey even more rewarding.

Along with being able to review and analyse their own riding experiences based on the app’s tracking features, riders can also share their personal GPS Exchange Format (GPX) files* with other MyRide users, or download their ride¬†files to see how their rides compare to your own.

MyRide additionally enables riders to add pictures to their favourite journeys and share their stories and adventures via traditional social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Yamaha also hopes that by giving riders access to detailed information about riding style and destination, MyRide will give users the power to refine, enhance and improve their riding skills and get more out of every trip. 

That alone seems to be worth the price of entry, which is free, via the Google Play or Apple App Store services.