With winter well and truly here, what do you look for in suitable boots?

We’ve selected five pairs of touring boots from five different manufacturers and at five different price points to show you what’s available for your budget.

Sidi Canyon Sidi Canyon from 529

Price: From $529

At $529, they’re not cheap but have a genuine Goretex full liner and are built to last – just ask any of the motorcycle-mounted posties delivering the mail in any kind of weather – it’s what they are issued with and have proved themselves time and time again. Brilliant if you need to use them for serious use off the bike as well.





Astar Web goretex 399Alpinestars Web

Priced from $399

Alpinestars Web is Goretex lined and that speaks volumes. It’s a seriously well-built boot that doesn’t feel bulky on the bike. Insulated as well as waterproof, Alpinestars always look great as well.





Sidi-Tour-Rain 339Sidi Tour Rain

Priced from $339

Sidi’s mid-priced tour boot, the Tour Rain uses Technomicro as the outer material for the outer and a Trockenfuss liner, resulting in a touring boot that is light, weatherproof and easy to keep looking good.




stylmartin navigator 299Stylmartin Navigator

Priced from $299

Boot specialists, Stylmartin don’t just do the trendy stuff. The Navigator is their waterproof, rugged boot designed for the traveller who defies the elements. Ergonomically designed, they are also comfortable off the bike and give you a smart looking boot for the three hundy mark.




dririder airtech 219DriRider Airtech

Priced from $219

DriRider’s Airtech is light, comfortable and has a waterproof, breathable membrane as well as insulation at a price that will always please. Not as high-spec as some of the others here but they are a great option at an affordable price.