When we go away for a long weekend ride, there are a few things we generally like to pack along with us, but from now on, any time I’m off on a bike for a weekend trip, the Whites Multi-Function Jump Starter will be coming along for the ride.

Distributed by Whites Powersports, this lithium battery-powered jump starter does what it says on the box: it’ll jump your bike should you get a flat with the supplied alligator clips. But that’s not its only function. Along with the included jumper leads, there is also a cable which allows you to charge small devices like a phone or tablet off the battery pack instead of searching for a mains socket. Handy when you’re out on the road.

Knowing access to power was going to be limited at the Cold Kiwi, I threw the Jump Starter in my tank bag and took it with me to make sure my phone didn’t go flat, and if the cold weather killed my battery, I was covered. Weighing in at only 225g and taking up less space than a bottle of water, it was easy to just toss in and not worry about.

After charging both my phone, and those of both my riding buddies the pack finally ran out of charge, but once back at home it was only a 2-hour wait until it was ready to go again.

It’ll hold its charge for three months unused before needing another top up, and will last over 1000 charges. It’s a versatile and very handy piece of kit, and well worth having in your toolbox.

Price: $119 / Distributed by: Whites Powersports / Test: Mat


The Specs

Whites Multi-Function Jump Starter

Battery: 7500mAh

Size: 135 x 76 x 16mm

Weight: 225g

Output: 5V = 2A, 12V Jump Start

Input: 12V=1A

Full Charging Time: 2-Hours

Start current: 200A

Peak current: 400A

Operation temp: -20ºC to 60ºC