Triumph Motorcycle and Indian automotive giant Bajaj Auto have announced that they are joining forces to take on the mid-capacity segment.

Triumph have been mostly absent from the mid-capacity segment in recent times, especially at the more entry level focused end with only the Street Triple 660 as their current entry level offering. With the higher capacity motorcycles now in a healthy state with the introduction of the new water-cooled parallel twins this past year, Triumph can now focus on expanding its range into the growing small capacity markets worldwide.

The partnership with Bajaj will surely benefit the British brand, with the Indian motorcycle market in particular heavily focused on smaller capacity motorcycles, with bikes we’d call mid-capacity representing the peak of motorcycling performance in the region selling in far higher volumes than Triumph’s traditional higher capacity machines.

In return, Bajaj Auto will gain access to the Triumph brand, including the iconic Bonneville name, while Triumph will gain a manufacturing foothold in the subcontinent where import tariffs drive up the prices of bikes not produced in India.

It looks like a win-win for both companies, but we’ll have to wait and see to find out what the partnership has in store and whether we’ll see a small capacity Bonneville join the global market. We’d definitely welcome a LAMS approved Bonne’ to the NZ market.


The Triumph and Bajaj Auto Press Release in Full:


Triumph Motorcycles and Bajaj are pleased to announce their global partnership.

The objective of this no-equity partnership is to deliver a range of outstanding mid-capacity motorcycle benefitting from the collective strengths of both companies.

We hope to bring to bear upon global markets the individual strengths of the partners including brand position & perception, design & development technology, quality & cost competitiveness & worldwide distribution.

This new global partnership will enable Triumph to significantly expand its global reach by entering new higher volume market segments, especially within the emerging markets across the world.

Bajaj will gain access to the iconic Triumph brand, and its great motorcycles, enabling it to offer a wider range of motorcycles within its domestic market and other international markets.

Triumph and Bajaj are excited by the opportunities of this partnership and the prospect of entering new market segments, thereby reaching a whole new group of motorcyclists across the world.

We will provide further details in due course.