Today Indian Motorcycles have announced there is a new head Chieftain in town, with the imminent arrival of the limited edition Chieftain Elite.

Based on the standard $37,995 Chieftain, the Elite showcases what happens when you let Indian’s design team loose with the mandate to create the ultimate in Indian Baggers.

Gone is the signature Indian front fender, replaced by a chopped version which showcases the new 19inch 10 spoke wheels, while the Fireglow Red Candy paint is drowned out by a 200-watt audio system with speakers built into the panniers.

While we don’t yet know how many, if any, will make it to our shores, we do know the price. To put one of these very cool Indians in your garage, you’ll need just shy of $50,000 to put your name on the ownership papers, with the Chieftain Elite priced $11,000 over the standard bike at $48,995 plus on roads.

We’ll be sure to let you know just how many of the 350 bikes that will be available globally will be making their way to our shores as soon as it is announced.

But wait, that’s not all!

Also announced today was the Chieftain Limited, which takes its styling cues from the Elite, but in a less limited production base with a price point much closer to the standard bike.

Like the Elite, the Limited also gets the 19inch 10-spoke front wheel and chopped fender combo and a streamlined seat, but it misses out of the incredible paint and extra stereo oomph that the Elite benefits from.

The Limited will arrive in New Zealand with a price of $38,995 plus on roads, with arrival date yet to be released.