The Beast Is Back

The new Suter V4 two-stroke has finally made it market.

Suter have a long history in GP Racing and this isn’t the first time they’ve produced a 500cc two-stroke, with the SRT500 released in 2009. But the MMX 500 has taken the game even further, with Suter employing their team of talented engineers to produce a bike that will rekindle the noise and performance of yesteryear.


From Suter

“The Suter MMX 500 is an exclusive racing motorcycle, which is also marked by its strictly limited edition status. Developed and produced by our racing division, this technical master­piece is built for skillful hands and appreciating hearts only.

“Engineered applying the latest design and manufacturing technologies, using high-quality precision parts, we put all our passion into it. Double counter rotating crankshafts and an electronic fuel injection iconify our effort in building it.

“The Suter 500 project is very ambitious and took an enormous
amount of development. To combine almost lost know-how
in two-stroke technology with the latest high-tech motorcycle
developments demanded a sophisticated approach.


But as lovely as it looks, the two-stroke racer will set you back a cool 120,000 Swiss Francs, or NZ$150,000 plus delivery. For that you get a hand built motorcycle that’s being produced in strictly limited numbers but will provide some truly astonishing performance. With a claimed 195hp @ 13,000rpm, a claimed weight of 127kilos and a maximum speed listed in excess of 310km/h, the MMX 500 sounds like the ultimate track weapon. Obviously, at that price there won’t be many (if any) heading to our part of the world, but if anyone is keen to buy one, we’d love to take it for a spin…just sayin’

Oh, and as they are only making 99 of them, you’d better be quick.

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