There’s nothing better than being able to wear comfortable boots on your commute to work, trudge around all day in them, then escape the daily grind without having to change and swap footwear to get back on your bike. 

Enter the SIDI Gas Half Boots, a comfortable ‘street’ style motorcycle ankle-boot, designed to cope with riding and everyday practicality. I upgraded from another brand to my SIDI Gas boots, and after a good couple of years punishment, they are still going strong. In roles where I can be riding several times throughout an average day, these kicks fit the bill perfectly. With Velcro straps over the traditional laces, they go on quick and easy, snug and comfortable. 

As far as ‘rideability’, these ankle-height boots are simply awesome. I’ve used them a whole lot for my general commuting, and they suit that purpose exceptionally well. Pedal feel is top notch, as they are snug and form-fitting, and there’s no thick hardware between your feet and the bike’s controls. They have rubber pads on top of both shoes for added protection, and I’ve yet to see any excessive wear on top or bottom of the shoes. The soles are a pliable rubber construction, yet still durable enough that they’re not going to wear down too quickly. 

Safety-wise, they don’t compare to proper dedicated calf-height riding boots, but for short jaunts and less stressful environments, they are nigh-on perfect. Those readers that pay close attention may have even noticed that I wear them on bike tests reasonably regularly, meaning I don’t have to worry about finding proper boots when the boss decides he’s had enough of sitting in front of his computer and we’re going for a ride! Overall, I highly rate the SIDI Gas Half Boots, for commuting on the bike as well as wearing as casual shoes around town or in the office. They look the part too, so your mates won’t give you stick for wearing big ugly motorcycle boots at your social gatherings!

Tester: Scott | Distributed by: Motogear | Price: $225 | Check it: