Pukekohe Park’s motorsport raceway has recently undergone some pretty significant resealing, with part of the original track from the infamous Turn One saved to be auctioned off for charity, making this quite possibly one of the most valuable slabs of concrete on Trade Me. Read on for the Auction Description…

“Own yourself a part of the iconic Pukekohe race track, this artifact was saved after the recent reseal of the fastest corner in NZ, Turn One of Pukekohe. Possibly 40 years old, maybe more but the stones used in construction are much older, there are multiple coats of road marking paint and if you look closely the oil spots will show where a Ford or two was once parked. All of NZ motor racing super stars plus many international big names have tried to master Turn One, some with much success, some with not so much success. Think about the names, the cars, the bikes, the history that surrounds this piece of NZ Motorsport history.”

“If asphalt could talk it would have many stories and I am sure many of you have a story to tell about your Turn One experience.”

“Measuring an impressive 700mm tall with a girth of over 350mm, and weighing in at (bloody heavy) it will survive the test of time and your mates drooling over it. Fully waterproof as an added bonus. This is the ultimate man cave accessory that no other man on the planet has or can have, guaranteed to increase your bloke status by at least 4 points. It should be housed in a glass showcase with 3 security guards present at all times but could be used as your man cave doorstep, bar leaner, bedside table and when your wife shoots you for even thinking about it, it could be used as a headstone. Buyer must pick up, bring your mates. All proceeds go to charity and you get to choose the charity of your choice. The charity can’t be your racing career.”

To see the Trade Me auction, click this link: https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2037802825

Photos: Pukekohe Motorsport Limited