Voting for the two nominees for the position of President of Motorcycling New Zealand (MNZ), the governing body of motorcycling sport in New Zealand, is closing at 5pm on Wednesday the 8th of May.

There are two candidates vying for the role and you can read their profiles by clicking on their name below:

Noel May
Paul Pavletich

Voting is required to elect a new President and online voting links have been distributed to members via email, and paper forms have been sent via post to those who do not have an email address registered with MNZ.

Noel May

Please ensure you follow the instructions provided. You can only vote ONCE (your online link will expire after you have made your vote). Members that belong to the same family (i.e. use the same email address) will receive several emails addressed to each respective member each with a unique link. 

It only takes a few moments so please make your vote count as you are so entitled by being an MNZ member.

Paul Pavletich

Voting closes at 5pm on Wednesday 8th May and all paper votes must be sent directly to the Voting Auditor and be postmarked before this date in order to be considered valid. 

If you believe you are a Member and have not received a voting pack, please download one here. A reminder that those with expired licences or Officials warrants are not counted as current members. 

The results will not be known until the Annual General Meeting on Sunday 19th May. 

The remaining two Board positions have been filled and no voting is required as there were only single nominations. 

Off-Road North Island: 
Michael (Mac) Mcleod

Road South Island: 
Rod Price

Congratulations Mac and Rod on your reappointments!