It’s as close to a road-going MotoGP bike as you’re likely to find. At a cool estimated NZ$260,000 it’s definitely going to stand out at a track day. Pumping out 215hp in NZ in sport trim or 159hp in road trim, you have to feel for the long-suffering riders in France and the USA. The French will be entrusted with 103hp – not a lot for the price and the American market will get the road-legal RC213V-S with, wait for it, 101hp in castrated form! An upgrade kit that beefs that figure will be available to the US market but not only does it remove the road-going aspect of the cool and collectable Honda flagship, it also voids their warranty.

For any well-heeled buyer from the Antipodes, you’d have to lash out on the sports package to really feel the MotoGP heritage and all 215hp. Fitment of the sports package does mean it is only for track or closed circuit use (theoretically anyway) and the normal warranty does not apply. A MotoGP bike for the roads – sort of.