It’s official, Honda will be making an ‘adventure’ scooter, but will we get it in NZ?

Debuting as the City Adventure Concept at last year’s EICMA, Honda has confirmed the bike will go into production under the X-ADV moniker.

The X-ADV will reportedly be powered by the same 745cc parallel twin that currently powered the NC750 range and will push its power through Honda’s Dual Clutch transmission.

Honda have already proven its DCT has the chops for off roading with the Africa Twin, but can a scooter really take on the road less travelled? Honda seem to think so. Features include an upright riding position for high visibility and long travel suspension to soak up the roughest road surfaces.

Practicality has also been thought of with a 5 stage adjustable windscreen and storage space for an off-road style helmet (or box of beers), presumably under the seat.


Damien Smyth, brand manager for New Zealand distributors of Honda Motorcycles, Blue Wing Honda, said “we have no plans to bring it in at the moment but that could change in the future. It’s another example of great ingenuity from Honda Motor and follows on from some exciting new models from Honda over the last year including the Africa Twin and the new CB500 series.”

It could be a case of ‘if there is demand, it shall come’ which the quirky side of me hopes will be the case one day.

17YM X-ADVIt’s the same story on the other side of the Tasman as well which is a shame as you can definitely imagine the new bike taking on the cross country mantle of the old CT110 postie bike.

The X-ADV will make its debut to the public at the EICMA show in Milan on the 8th of November, with Honda set to release the full specs behind the bike then.