BRM Advertising Dates & Rates

BRM Advertising Dates & Rates

A word from Paul…

If you are looking to reach motorcyclists of any discipline in New Zealand, then Two Creative has you covered. As the parent company of Bike Rider Magazine, there isn’t anyone who knows motorcycling in New Zealand better than us.

But we’re not just about magazines, although they are still an important part of the advertising/promotional mix. We’ve got a successful motorcycling website too (yep, this one here!), a kick-arse YouTube Channel, and busy socials. 

So, I’ll say it again. If you want to reach motorcyclists in New Zealand, we’ve got the vehicle to get your product, brand or event in front of a massive audience of passionate two-wheeled fanatics here in New Zealand. You could call us THE one-stop shop for communicating with road, dirt and adventure bikers here in NZ.  So, why not drop us a line, give us a call or flick us a message and see how we can work with you to give you the edge in the world of motorcycles in New Zealand. 

Bike Rider Magazine

If you’re looking to reach motorcyclists who enjoy riding on the road or the racetrack, then Bike Rider Magazine is the place for you. Published since 2001, BRM is the ONLY print Kiwi road bike magazine.

Produced every 5 weeks and sold in all major magazine outlets including petrol stations and supermarkets, BRM is A4, with 8,000 copies perfect-bound and featuring the highest production values, – so if you want your advert to look its best, BRM is the place.

The editorial content is diverse, featuring everything from bike tests to product reviews, interviews, overseas adventures and much more, with high quality photography and design supplementing every feature. BRM readers love to buy bikes, products and accessories. So, if you want to sell road bikes, riding gear and reach a high disposable income audience, BRM is the place for you.

The BRM team works hard to give advertisers extra exposure and added value for their advertising dollar, so if you choose to work with us, you’ll also get access to used product reviews, advertorials and buyers’ guides. It’s just simply a way for us to say thank you for your support.

Magazine Rates & Magazine Mechanics

The printed rates are for full colour, high quality adverts per issue. Rates exclude GST and agency commissions. Payment is due on or before the 20th of the month following invoice date.


BRM Adverts
SizeCasual Contract (6mo)Contract (10mo)
Double Page Spread $2,250  $1,950  $1,800 
Whole Page $1,200  $1,025  $970 
Half Page Horizontal $710  $600  $570 
Half Page Vertical $710  $600  $570 
Quarter Page Horizontal $490  $360  $330 
Quarter Page Vertical $440  $330  $300 
Eighth Page (Classified) $230  $175  $130 

Also Available

• Advertorials
• Sponsorship of pages
• Bound/loose inserts
• Cover mounts
• Sections/posters
• Direct mailing
• Competitions
• Website promotions

Prime positions: Inside front, inside back, outside back. Please call for availability and rates.

Copyright Acknowledgement: In supplying artwork to us, you warrant that all text, graphics, fonts and design must either be owned by the customer or you have been granted licence to reproduce it by the copyright owner(s).


Mechanical Requirements BRM Ads
SizeWidthHeightBleed Size
Double Page Spread420mm297mm+ 5mm on all sides
Whole Page210mm297mm+ 5mm on all sides
Half Page Horizontal185mm130mmNone required
Half Page Vertical90mm265mmNone required
Quarter Page Horizontal185mm60mmNone required
Quarter Page Vertical90mm130mmNone required
Eighth Page (Classified)90mm60mmNone required


Bike Rider Magazine is perfect bound. While this binding method has advantages there are also adjustments that need to be made to adverts so they appear as intended and avoid losing information into the fold in of the magazine. We require a safe area of at least 10mm. For double page spreads again try to hold all ‘live’ type 10mm on either side of the centre of the advert. These adverts also need 5mm bleed around all sides.

Please note that rates exclude GST and agency commissions. Payment is due on or before the 20th of the month following invoice date. If payment is not made by the due date you will be liable for all costs of recovery, commissions and collection fees at market rates.

Website Advertising

Magazine Websites

Bike Rider Magazine has an awesome website, too. With the latest news uploaded daily and motorcycle reviews, product tests, interviews and features added weekly, the sites receive a significant amount of traffic. Obviously, this is driven by our large social media sites, with each post and review shared to the audience via Facebook and Instagram. 

With options available to meet almost every budget, our websites make a brilliant place to advertise. We can modify advertising space if you have a specific requirement plus can offer wallpaper, website takeovers and videos if required.
Unique views: 8,000 per month
Facebook: 8,600 followers
BikeRiderTV YouTube channel: 27,000 subscribers/16 million views

Web Advertising
Heading Banner600 x 90 px $          250  $          475 $          900
Banner640 x 150 px $          180  $          330  $          645 
Small Sidebar300 x 250 px $            85  $          160  $          295 
Large Sidebar300 x 600 px $          155  $          295  $          550 
Takeover  $          445  $          785  $       1,380 
Email Banner600 x 175 px $250 one off  

Also available:

Other sizes
Video production

Please note that rates exclude GST and agency commissions. Payment is due on or before the 20th of the month following invoice date. If payment is not made by the due date you will be liable for all costs of recovery, commissions and collection fees at market rates.


Email Kerry on [email protected]
Or call the office – 07 862 6957