When it comes to seeing how good a rider of BMW Motorrad’s legendary R 1200 GS you are, you can do one of two things (or both, we’re not going to get in your way): You can mount up and circumnavigate the globe like Boorman and McGregor, or you can enter the International GS Trophy and compete against other GS riders from around the world.

The GS Trophy event is held every second year, and 2018 will see the sixth running of the event make the move to central Asia and the Mongolian steppes – an adventure rider’s paradise!

In order to secure a spot in the three man team of the country they are representing (sadly NZ doesn’t seem to be represented in this global competition), riders must first compete in a qualifying competition held by BMW Motorrad, and then be selected as a national team rider.

It’s a pretty sweet gig as not only do riders get shipped off to the destination country, but have all their gear, and a R 1200 GS supplied by BMW.

They then compete against riders from around the world in a series of challenges while also adventure riding around some of the best adventure riding trails there is.

Should New Zealanders get in amongst the action? Definitely! Can they? Well you’ll have to talk to BMW Motorrad to find out more…