It’s no secret that the ‘bagger’ segment is one which is on the up thanks to the streamlined looks and generally lower weight these slimmed down touring bikes possess.

Now BMW Motorrad is getting in on the action with the new K1600B – which the brand hopes will help them break further into the American touring market.

p90238903_lowres_bmw-k-1600-b-10-2016Based on the big 6-cylinder tech fest that is the K1600GT, the K1600B (B for Bagger) features the same 160 hp transversely mounted inline 6-cylinder, but completely changes the rear section of the bike.

This not only makes the bagger look particularly low-lying and slender, but also, thanks to the new rear frame, significantly reduces the height of the passenger seat.

A re-design of the compartments in the fixed side cases brings slimmer covers and deeper body allowing for particularly comfortable and effective loading of luggage. The rear mudguard has been designed to fold upward to make it easier to remove the rear wheel.

p90238906_lowres_bmw-k-1600-b-10-2016Based on the ‘Concept 101’ the K1600b is BMW Motorrad’s interpretation of motorcycling on endless highways, the dream of freedom and independence and the embodiment of “Grand American Touring”. Time will tell if the Americans take to the big Beemer Bagger for that ride along their endless highways.