Indian Motorcycle custom “Black Bullet Scout”

This custom Indian Scout was built by Jeb Scolman- the same hot
rod artisan responsible for the Spirit of Munro that was built to
celebrate the launch of the Thunderstroke 111 in 2014.

Jeb was delivered an engine, and the simple instruction to build
what he wanted to out of a new 2015 Indian Scout engine. Jeb’s
flawless 100% custom metalwork picks up on the designs of pure
speed motorcycles from the late 50s and early 60s with a fork
mounted bullet fairing and the most minimal frame possible. Bikes
with this silhouette took to land speed and drag racing tracks
across the country.

The post-war hot rod crowd was using airplane drop tanks for
race cars, and the motorcycle racers started to adapt nose cones to
help them cut through the wind. As the bike took shape we started
calling it the “Black Bullet”. The minimal body and stout but
seemingly simple frame are wrapped around a 1200cc Indian Scout
engine as tightly as possible. This is one small motorcycle!

The all-custom, all-metal, and all hand-made bike features a
custom windscreen that wraps around the front of the bike to fair
in the headlight. Tight clip-ons and footrests mounted to the rear
axle makes for as streamlined a riders position as possible. The
minimal seat, controls and shapes all lens themselves to the single
mission of exploring this bikes top speed. It was created to be
beautiful and fast. Scolman even cast a custom intake manifold to
turn the throttle body sideways and allow for an even tighter
engine packaging.

The Black Bullet Scout will be on display in Sturgis and is
destined to see the salt. It was built to race and continue the
tradition of an Indian Scout ripping across the Bonneville Salt

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