Club Series Titles Decided at Round Three

Report by: Philip Kavermann

The Auckland Motorcycle Club Summer Series for 2019-20 came to a conclusion at Hampton Downs on 17 November, continuing the trend of clear skies and entertaining racing – with the double-points finale throwing up the expected turmoil in the points, for some classes.

Senior was well subscribed, and the surprise entry of the 2015 NZSBK Superbike Champion Jaden Hassan aboard the BMW S1000RR, added spice to the field. Hassan quickly demonstrated he has lost none of his speed, indulging in entertaining dices with Jayden Carrick and Daniel Mettam.

Mettam took out the Superbike, while in Supersport 600 David Hall came from nowhere to scoop the class, using the double-points to advantage. The 600’s had struggled for entries this season.

Series stalwart Jonathan Skyrme took out Superstock 1000.

Superlite was the domain of another Series stalwart. Wellingtonian Nick Olson, aboard the GVR Gladius 650 was a model of consistency, sharing wins with Matt Dunlop and Steve Bridge – but never off the podium across the nine races.
Ben Rosendaal exerted his dominance in Pro Twin 650, with eight wins; while Nathanael Diprose matched that in Supersport 300 aboard the GVR KTM 390, only conceding a win to Jason Hearn in the final race of the season.

Chris Malcolm went one better in 125ccGP – nine from nine aboard the Moto3 Honda, and just too quick for the 2-strokes.

250 ProLite couldn’t have been closer. Loren May had the early season advantage, but Darrick Kattenberg was hunting him down from Race Four onwards. He would come up just five points short to May, who was on the podium in every race, with the exception of Race Three at the first Round.

It was good to see the Gixxers complement the Junior fields, and Billee Fuller took out the Series for F4/F5/Gixxer aboard the little 150 Suzuki.

Mark Halls and Darren Prentis repeated their Sidecar title of last season. They didn’t have the sheer pace of Peter Goodwin and Kendal Dunlop at the last Round, but their 600cc Kawasaki rig is well sorted, very reliable, and they have done many laps around Hampton Downs, making them tough to beat.

The Carl Cox Motorsport Cup have two Rounds to complete their Series early in the New Year. 
Jesse Stroud holds advantage on the Ninja’s, with Loren May leading the Hyosung points – and there is plenty to come in the remaining races of this extremely important – and under-rated – Cup Series, that has been the backbone of Junior rider development in the North Island over the past decade.

Post Classic classes and the Clubman’s rounded out the programme for the Series.

The “Posties” had fielded healthy grids all season, as had the Clubman’s – where Vaughan Hanna had secured the Senior title aboard the booming 1198 Ducati; whilst marshal-turned-competitor Hayden Kinmont took his KTM 390 to the Junior title.

FINAL 2019-2020 AMCC Club Series Points:      
(After ROUND THREE of Three)

Points – Senior: SUPERBIKE   (Pirelli)
195           Daniel Mettam
156           Jayden Carrick
112           Jaden Hassan

Points – Senior: SUPERSPORT 600 (Pirelli)
140           David Hall
130           Rogan Chandler
130           Tarbon Walker

Points – Senior: SUPERSTOCK 1000   (Pirelli)
300           Jonathan Skyrme
80             Daniel Hendy

Points – Intermediate: SUPERLITE  (Castrol)

234           Nick Olson
190           Matt Dunlop
187           Jesse Stroud

Points – Intermediate: PRO TWIN 650  (Castrol)
250           Ben Rosendaal
180           Vaughan Maine
176           Phillip Munt

Points – Intermediate: 125ccGP (Castrol)
300           Chris Malcolm
112           Mark Robinson
104           Logan Rowell

Points – Junior: SUPERSPORT 300 (Metzeler / Muc-Off)
282           Nathanael Diprose
170           Shaun Parker
122           Jason Hearn

Points – Junior: 250 PRO LITE  (Metzeler / Muc-Off)
230           Loren May
225           Darrick Kattenberg
192           Chris Smith

Points – Junior: F4, F5, GIXXER 150  (Metzeler / Muc-Off)
230           Billee Fuller
150           Luca Durning
60             Corey Field

Points – PRE 82 SENIOR  (Motomail NZ)
225           Russell Barker
180           Brian Deadman
75             Matt Ineson

Points – PRE 82 JUNIOR (Motomail NZ)
255           Guy Webster
225           Phil Oades
88             Hadleigh Thomson

Points – PRE 89 F1   (Motomail NZ)
254           Ken Ferguson
178           Rick Van Velzen
140           Geoff Irving

Points – PRE 89 F2  (Motomail NZ)
195           Rory Garvey
150           Craig Green

Points – PRE 89 F3   (Motomail NZ)
150           Robert Grover
50             Richard Ford

Points – PRE 95 F2 (Motomail NZ)
220           Graham Moorhead
162           Paul Pavletich
149           Ant Young

Points – PRE 95 F3  (Motomail NZ)
205           Chris Malcolm
160           Nick Olson
150           Mark Robinson

Points – SIDECARS  (Road Guide / Arai / MichelIn)
270           Mark Halls / Darren Prentis
176           Bryce Rickard / Callum Innes
150           Peter Goodwin / Kendal Dunlop

Points – CLUBMAN SENIOR  (Counties Honda)
215           Vaughan Hanna
189           Leixiang Zhu
180           Ross Tucker

Points – CLUBMAN JUNIOR  (Counties Honda)
265           Hayden Kinmont
80             Darrin O’Connor
50             Anthony Young

Points – NINJA CUP (Carl Cox Motorsport)                          
After Round Three of Five
675           Jesse Stroud
606           Zak Fuller

503           Ben Cook

Points – HYOSUNG CUP (Carl Cox Motorsport)                            
After Round Three of Five
671           Loren May
602           Justin Reid
530           Sean White

The 2019-2020 Series is organised and promoted by the Auckland Motorcycle Club – who acknowledge all our valuable partners:-

Carl Cox Motorsport, Castrol, Counties Honda, Forbes & Davies, Levels Ltd, Motomail, MTF Finance, and Northern Accessories – along with MX Timing and CTAS Live.        

Calendar – 2019-2020 AMCC Club Series:
Rd 1     22nd September, 2019  
Rd 2      20th October, 2019       
Rd 3     17th November, 2019