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A Proper Dashcam Designed For Motorcycles!


Motorcyclists have been attempting to record their rides since the advent of the first action cameras. But with limited battery life and storage, along with the often dreaded realisation that you hadn’t pressed record when something seriously cool (or seriously dangerous) happens, they just don’t do the same as the dashcams now commonplace in cars.

But Navman reckon they’ve come up with a serious solution (there have been plenty of dodgy attempts by no-name companies over the years) to give high-quality video footage from the front and rear of your motorcycle with their new MiVue M820D.

The set-up comes with discreet front and rear cameras which enable you to capture your ride in Full HD 1080P at 60 frames per second for high speeds shot in Super MP4 which saves files every two seconds, reducing any chance of corruption. It has Sony’s premium STARVIS™ sensors front and rear capturing amazing detail in low light, superb contrast and rich colours, and with its built-in GPS and 3-Axis G-Sensor, the footage is tagged with precise location, along with direction of impact and speed. 

And with a company like Navman working to find a solution for video on motorcycles, they’ve managed to come up with a system that offers so much more than simply recording your ride. The footage can be accessed, downloaded and shared instantly from the MiVue™ Pro app, even when out on a ride using a dedicated Wifi network, you can record a ride in timelapse, condensing a long ride into a short, high-speed video clip, and you can share your ride as a GPX route for others to follow.

But the coolest feature has to be the “PARKING MODE”. With front and rear motion detection, any movement around or knock to the motorbike will trigger a recording so riders have the proof they need to hand to their insurer to enable them to chase down the person who damaged their bike. With ‘smart parking’ mode enabled, the dash cam automatically monitors the bike’s battery voltage and power usage whilst protecting your bike and will switch off once a threshold is reached to stop excess draining of the battery.

There are also premium safety camera audible alerts included with fixed speed and safety cameras and school zones, which can be updated via the MiVue™ Pro app as often as every month. 

Easy to install, the device is hard-mounted and hardwired to the bike, so it never needs to be disconnected to charge, while a small control box fitted to the handlebar allows the rider to control the camera and also features a small microphone.

The distributor of the new Navman MiVue M820D in New Zealand is Whites Powersports and they have given BRM a system which we’ll be fitting to our longterm Suzuki V-Strom 800 shortly. Be sure to check back to check out our reviews.

And if you fancy getting your hands on a true motorcycle ‘dashcam’, you can visit


2 Channel Full HD 1080P 60 FPS Recording 

Front and Rear:
Record front and rear views at 1080P 60FPS Full HD simultaneously using H.265 (HEVC) compression to save more footage.

Super MP4 Recording:
Videos are written to the SD card every 2 seconds, minimizing corruption, improving file playback, and ensuring reliability. Compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices.

Smart and Low Power Parking Modes with Front & Rear Motion Detection:
Activates smart parking mode automatically when motion or shock is detected using the included MiVue™ wiring accessory. In low power mode, the device is in standby and wakes up upon detecting shock. Features smart voltage and timer monitoring for automatic shutdown when thresholds are reached.

Premium Safety Alerts:
Includes alerts for timed school zones, known accident blackspots, railway crossings, and speed zone changes on motorways to enhance road safety.

Optimised Day/Night Recording & Premium STARVIS™ Low Light Sensor:

HDR (High Dynamic Range) provides enhanced video quality in varying lighting conditions. The Premium STARVIS™ low light sensor ensures optimal recording, especially in low light conditions.

Micro SD Card Memory Expansion up to 256GB:

Compatible with Class 10 UHS 1 to UHS 3 microSD cards up to 256GB, recommended from the endurance range for high-intensity recording devices. For more information on compatible MicroSD cards, visit the manufacturer’s website.

Memory Management Tool:
Organizes videos and images into different folders for easy access.
IP67 Weatherproof:
All components including the main device, control box, cameras, and cables are IP67 weatherproof, ensuring reliable video capture in all weather conditions.

GPX Route Export & Share:
Allows downloading and exporting memorable rides as GPX route files to share with fellow riders.

Hardware Specifications

Field of View:
137° Front and Rear

Product Dimensions:
Main Device: 23.6mm x 66mm x 64mm
Camera: 37mm x 28.6mm
Controller: 57mm x 26mm x 18mm

Product Weight:
Main Device: 80g
Camera: 52g
Controller: 100g

Image Sensor:
Premium STARVIS™ 2 Megapixel

Memory Expansion:
Class 10/UHS-1/UHS-3 MicroSD up to 256GB

2 Years

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