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Created by Jeff Cranny in 2009, the Lockstraps are still unique with the combination locks at both ends meaning there’s no need for keys or separate locks to secure your ride. The strap itself is made from a double layer of nylon webbing which in itself is difficult to cut with a knife. But hiding inside is a second layer of defence, with a stainless steel cable running the length of the strap therefore making it almost impossible for the opportunist to run off with your pride and joy. Okay, a set of bolt croppers will still make it through, but the average scumbag who is just looking for an opportunity will soon head elsewhere when he spots the lockstraps.


But bikes are not the only things you can secure with Lockstraps. Worried about having your fuelcan pinched while you’re out on the track? Think someone might try and unhitch your trailer when you’re in the supermarket? Want to lock your helmet to your bike? Well, the Lockstraps can turn their hand to almost anything as long as there are places to thread the strap through. All you then need to do is set the combination lock and your gear is secure. They’re a great product, so much so, that we’re making them available to buy from www.brm.co.nz

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With so many scumbags out there just looking for an opportunity to steal your ride, you can never have enough protection. So that’s why, if we’re moving bikes around on a trailer or even in the van, we always secure them with Lock Straps. (Package comes with 1 Lockstrap)

Distributed by: Darbi Accessories

Retail Price: $79.99 (special deal $69.99)