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Casey Stoner: Pushing The Limits


Showing anything is possible when determination meets talent, two-time World MotoGP champion Casey Stoner shares his inspirational journey from Queensland toddler, with an extraordinary ability on a motorbike, to his decision to retire at twenty-seven with nothing left to prove.

For the first time, he tells of his early family life, the development of his riding skills and why, when he was only fourteen years old, his parents decided to sell everything and travel from Australia to Europe to chase the dream and support his aim to become World Champion.

As fearless with his opinions as he is on the racetrack, Casey includes all the highs and lows of his life so far: the real reason he left for Europe so young, his thoughts on the riders’ hierarchy, the politics of racing, the importance of family, his battle with illness and why he decided to turn his back on a multimillion-dollar contract when he was still winning. And he lets us in on some of the new goals he set for himself.


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ISBN: 9780733636110
Author: Casey Stoner