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Luggage, gearbags or whatever you call them. You need ‘em to make life simple…

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Ogio Terminal Stealth – Price: $299.90

Ogio’s Terminal Stealth is less gearbag than it is luggage, but since Team BRM is always on the go, including launches all over the world, it makes sense. In fact, this bag was used in late November, along with Ogio’s Elements Pack and Helmet Bag, on a long-haul trip to California; where all the contents of each bag (that included a helmet with a custom paintjob and two bottles of red) made it back to New Zealand in one piece (even with TSA going through the contents on the way out of the United States). While it is a fairly compact size – 740 x 400 x 330mm – it still packs a punch (pun intended) when it comes to storage space, with separate compartments for almost everything, so the authorities had an easy job of rifling through the contents! The construction is awesome, with rigid sides, meaning it won’t collapse when you’re wheeling it along (or be damaged when chucked on the plane, truck or the paddock or a motocross).

Ogio Helmet Bag Stealth – Price: $49.90

Nowadays, a separate helmet bag is ideal, as we like to keep our helmet in the backseat instead of the tray of a truck. If your helmet bag isn’t up to the challenge, which few are, then check out this offering from Ogio.

Ogio All Elements Pack Stealth Pack – Price: $169.90

The most important feature of the Stealth is the fact it is sealed from the elements. We even feel safe putting my iPhone in the front pocket – the one facing towards the raindrops – during the hour-long rides. That should tell you how much trust we have in it.

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